Darn Scots! They’ve Ruined Scotland!



I am so old that I can recall when Scotland was a free country:




A teenage student at Mearns Academy in Aberdeenshire, Scotland was removed from class, suspended, and later expelled after telling his teacher: “Sir, there are only two genders.”

According to the 17-year-old student known only as Murray, the events unfolded after the teacher pulled up a website in front of the whole class that only gave two gender options.

“[The teacher] basically started going off on a tangent about how bad that was, and how old fashioned it was,” Murray told a YouTube account known as ‘I, Hypocrite’.

This is when the student stated the scientific fact there are only two genders. In turn, he was removed from class, later given the reason his ‘opinion’ was ‘not inclusive’. However the teacher stated his own opinion, that there are more than two genders, is “acceptable” in contrast.

After sitting outside the classroom for thirty minutes, the teacher finally came out to speak with Murray, who recorded the entire encounter.

“You’re entitled to your opinion,” the teacher told Murray.

“If I am, then why did you kick me out of class? It’s not very inclusive,” Murray inquired.

Within a day of the video being posted, it had gone viral.

The school came across the video and called Murray and his mother in for a meeting.

According to Murray, during the meeting the school officials made clear he was not getting in trouble for his comment. Rather because he recorded the teacher which is a direct violation of one of the school’s rules.

The school suspended Murray for one week and told him they would have to restrict his phone usage. Murray conceded he violated a school policy and because the video went so viral this was not an outlandish punishment.

However, the school also made clear in the meeting that Murray could not talk to the press. If he did, they threatened harsher punishment.

Go here to read the appalling rest.  He had a GoFundMe page to pay for his additional educational expenses due to the expulsion.  His account has now been banned by GoFundMe.  The Techlords and the Left always walk arm in arm.


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  1. I’d say it was the English and their damnable socialism that ruined Scotland, not the Scots.

    Scotland isn’t ruined economically. It’s an affluent area. It is a cultural ruin, but they did that to themselves. BTW, the resistance to what Glenn Reynolds calls the Administrative class in Britain is most flaccid in (1) Scotland, (2) greater London and (3) Cambridgeshire. Scotland’s holding the rest of Britain back.

  2. The British in Scotland were early practitioners of the modern war crime.

    My great grandparents from County Sligo lived/worker in Glasgow before immigrating to the US. My great aunt (her husband was a WWI doughboy in France) was born in Glasgow, my grandmother in the US.

    Scotland hasn’t been an independent nation since 1745 Culloden Moor.

    Ireland, on the other hand, eventually was able, through her sons’ and daughters’ blood, to become a nation once again.

  3. Scotland hasn’t been an independent nation since 1745 Culloden Moor.

    No, since the Act of Union in 1707.

    Ireland, on the other hand, eventually was able, through her sons’ and daughters’ blood, to become a nation once again.

    That’s nice. Contemporary Scottish ‘nationalists’ object to Westminster and are happy to subordinate themselves to Brussels. The central bank for your glorious Irish Republic is located in Frankfurt.

  4. Art,

    As always, true. A nation once again ruled by unelected bureaucrats, central bankers and technocrats in Brussels and Berlin. We have Fed elitists (care as much about ordinary Americans as ECB is concerned with Scotsmen) ruining monetary policy actions.

    I wonder what Churchill would call the curtain that fell on Europe in 2000.

  5. So Don has been around at least since 1707?

    I am not quite that old Tito.

    I was born in 1796, taught that whippersnapper Abe Lincoln how to prepare writs, saved the Union by not enlisting in the Union army, taught Theodore Roosevelt dirty fighting, slept through both of Wilson’s inaugural addresses, ended a brilliant political career when I challenged the wheel chair bound FDR to a footrace, served in World War II as fifth assistant briefcase holder to Douglas MacArthur, forgot to vote for Wendell Wilkie in 48, didn’t like Ike, thought that Nixon was more photogenic than Kennedy, got into a fist fight with Barry Goldwater over a parking space, ran the White House “Carpenters” under Nixon, voted for Billy Carter, instead of Jimmy, appointed Secretary of Historical Oddities under Reagan, got George Bush senior to wear a Ross Perot mask to a Skull and Bones reunion, lost a fortune in Whitewater, and then got into blogging.


  6. Don, Really good stuff. If I told some of the stuff I did I’d have to shoot myself.

    Quibble: I think there is a lot to like about Ike. In a hundred years, if someone miraculously saves the historic records from 68 post-modern rewrites, his worth may be seen.

  7. Don,
    ‘voted for Billy Carter’
    Can anyone find ‘Billy Beer’ anymore? I know they stopped brewing, but there has got to be some outlaw brewers that still use that name (such as ‘Duff’ beer still being brewed in Australia).

  8. Tito my wife and I went to a flea market a few months ago and they had an unopened six-pack of Billy Beer…brought back baaaaad memories 😉 Not because I got drunk on it, but it was the time Jimma was president.

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