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Julia Meloni at One Peter 5 takes a look at the upcoming Amazon Synod and sees a new paganism:


As Ureta points out, the Amazon synod’s working document, citing a Bolivian text, likewise effuses that the jungle “is a being or various beings with whom to relate” (n. 23). It continues by idealizing native peoples who have “not yet [been] influenced by Western civilization” — peoples with untouched “beliefs and rites regarding the actions of spirits, of the many-named divinity acting with and in the territory” (n. 25).

As historian Roberto de Mattei remarks, these valorized peoples “have been liberated from monotheism and have restored animism and polytheism.” According to the document, the pantheistic “Creator Spirit who fills the universe” has “nurtured the spirituality of these peoples for centuries,” bearing great “fruit” (n. 120).

The Church, it appears, must not convert, but learn from such revelatory prophets. She must recognize “other avenues/pathways that seek to decipher the inexhaustible mystery of God” — shedding an “insincere openness” that “reserve[s] salvation exclusively for one’s own creed.” She must, in short, affirm that “love lived in any religion pleases God” (n. 39).

This “remarkable text,” as Peter Kwasniewski shows, “bluntly sets aside traditional views of evangelization, salvation, and sanctification.” Ultimately, it’s redolent of the Modernist notion that “every religion, even that of paganism, must be held to be true” (Pascendi). Perhaps that is why the working document’s main author is reported to have said, “I have not yet baptized an Indian, and I also will not do it.”

Go here to read the rest.  This is being brought about by people paid to defend and teach the Catholic Faith, and who have taken oaths to do so.  The nauseating mendacity and betrayal that are two of the hallmarks of this papacy reminds us yet again that if Pope Francis were the anti-Christ what would he do differently?

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  1. This is all the result of the death pangs of the Church in Germany. Rich, but rapidly shrinking the German cardinals wield great influence in the Vatican because sadly and far to often it’s all about the money. If the goals of the synod are realized it will be one more blow to the Church from the race with a thin veneer of civility.

  2. As Churchill noted, the Hun are either at your throat or at your feet. The Church in Germany has always had an interest in the Amazon for missionary purposes, so it is easy to see the Teutonic hands at work here.

  3. My great grandfather always said the only way to negotiate with a German was with a pistol against his head, But he also said that about Russians. Wait a minute; my great grandfather sure liked to brandish his weapons.

  4. Strikes me as Rousseauean Romanticism rather than paganism or primitivism.

    The pantheism is disconcerting. So’s the betrayal of the Great Commission.

    (And if we’re not even going to bother to try to convert them because “God loves them just the way they are,” then we won’t need Priests to minister to them. So we can just drop this whole married priests nonsense right, right?)

  5. Don, he lived between them. My family lost their fair share to both during WW2. So when dyed hair punks call me a Nazi or spout the glories of socialism, my blood sets to boiling. I’m not much of a violent man, but my wife has standing instructions no matter what my age to put the blessing upon my head and to let me go when the next civil war begins. I guarantee to count coup on many before I die.

  6. 1570 First German landowners in Brazil
    1818 200 German families arrive to farm.
    1824 Wave of German peasants arrive and establish farms in southern Brazil.
    1920s, post WW I, largest wave of German immigrants, urban middle class laborers who mostly gravitated to large cities.
    1937 to 1945 Forced assimilation program aimed at German, Polish and Italian communities. Although since the 1950s German dialects are the second most spoken language after Brazilian Portuguese.
    Between 1824 and 1972, about 260,000 Germans settled in Brazil,
    Germans, Catholic and Lutheran tended to have large families of 10 or more children.
    Germans are the 5th largest immigration ethnicity after the Portuguese, Itallans, Spanish, Japanese.
    Didn’t find anything on German Catholic missionaries in Amazonia. Most seem to be Baptist or non-denominational Protestant.
    It’s illegal to make contact with isolated indigenous peoples.

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