Reelection Ads That Write Themselves

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  Way too early for predictions, but right now the Democrats have a 78 year old socialist who just had a heart

TAC Is Educational!

      Hattip to Instapundit.

Cancel Culture and Christianity

Our first Pope denied Christ three times when Christ needed him most;  Saint Paul persecuted Christians and had some put to death


  1. Gosh, why is it the first time I hear this? All the talk in the main stream media is “marine fighter pilot and american hero..”

  2. She’s a disconcerting and anomalous figure. Career Marines with her complex of views I suspect are to this day quite unusual. Everything about her sets off the dyke detector bar that she’s married with children. She supposedly grew up in the Cincinnati suburbs (and has a diploma from a Catholic school – heckuva job, guys), but in 2017 parked herself in a small town in central Kentucky in which she’d never before lived (after 20-odd years of not having lived anywhere in Kentucky). Having lost last year, she’s aimed at an even higher office this year; over the last 60 odd years, Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seats have been won by Republicans about 70% of the time and the Democrats elected have had a political stance resembling Joe Manchin’s. Something about her says ‘sorosphere decoy’.

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