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If you want to know much of what is wrong with the Church, this interview will give you an eyeful:


Belgian Cardinal Jozef De Kesel sat down with New Europe to discuss the role of the Catholic Church in today’s Europe, where pluralism and secularism have changed the dynamic between Europe’s citizens and their relationship with one of the continent’s oldest institutions.


New Europe (N.E.):  What do you think it means to be Catholic in Europe today? What are the core values that a Catholic should represent?


Cardinal De Kesel (CDK): We must remember that for centuries Europe has been a collection of Christian countries. After antiquity, a Christian culture was established in Europe. From the 17th century and during the Enlightenment, particularly during the French Revolution, little by little the Church found that Europe was no longer an entirely Christian society. It is a pluralistic society, a secular society, where there are also other beliefs.


I believe that being a Catholic in Europe today means being part of this scenario. It is the desire to live together while respecting others. The Church is not here to “reconquer lost ground”. This is not its mission. To be Catholic is to be faithful to one’s convictions in an environment that has changed to a pluralistic society. This implies respect for human being and his or her beliefs.


We must always be respectful of each other, to accept the person as he or she is, without wanting to impose ourselves on an individual person or on society. However, we have a mission inside this society. We have convictions and values that we want to defend. It must also be noted that there is interfaith solidarity and this is the mission of the Catholic Church. We stand in solidarity with all those who strive for a more just and more fraternal society.


If we fight for the respect of freedom of religion, it is because we agree with secularised society, but within this society, we have values to defend. The Catholic Church does not oppose a secularised society. Citizens have the right to believe or not to believe and I stand for that.


Go here to read the rest.  One can just envision endless martyrs laying down their lives for:  We stand in solidarity with all those who strive for a more just and more fraternal society.  The faith of Christ has been exchanged for worthless glop.


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  1. They are heretics, lead by a heretic. They no longer hold the faith, if they ever did. The laity needs to recognize this fact. The remaining spineless jelly fish, known as our bishops, won’t do a thing. We just need to hold on to the faith, impart it to our kids and anyone who wants to listen, and then wait out this faithless generation of the hierarchy. The younger priests are a blessing as they are actually Catholic.

  2. 5% of Catholics go to church every Sunday in Belgium. Were I pope that Cardinal was be stripped of his title.

  3. We are not far behind as a nation. Do bishops read your blog Don? I hope so, for they need to know how most of them are ineffective and have let the faithful down and out on their own. It’s time to wake up bishops and smell the sulpher.

  4. Gotta love it when a bishop half embarrassedly sorta apologizes for believing what he believes while making sure you know that he’s cool with you believing whatever it is you believe, or not.

  5. In the full interview, he says we need “a conversion from the Church.” FROM. He also says we should “wholeheartedly” embrace secularization. This man is complete traitorous diabolical scum.

  6. Does GLOP stand for
    Gutless Line Of Poop!?!
    Is it any wonder why only 5% of Belgians attend Mass when that is how the Catholic faith is portrayed or “lifted up”!?! Sheesh. If that’s all it means to him, why bother!?! I wonder how many bishops, cardinals, etc., are Freemason, Commie, Fascist, Anti-Catholics…?

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