The Crimson Pirate


Just for fun.  The Crimson Pirate (1952) is good, way over the top, fun with the immortal line: You are on a pirate ship, in pirate waters in a pirate world.  Burt Lancaster in his prime was a master entertainer, joined in his antics by the “mute” Nick Cravat, a good friend of Lancaster, and just as good an acrobat, who often appeared in Lancaster films.  A bygone era when entertaining action films had no nudity and no profanity, and had to rely on clever dialogue, good acting and slapstick comedy.

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  1. Great memory of times when black was black and white, white. Nowadays 50 shades of gray is hard to deal with especially within the Catholic Church which is lost at sea, listing to port and about to be over turned.

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