PopeWatch: Lost in the Amazon

Whatever fears you have regarding the Amazon Synod, you are probably erring on the side of optimism:


A Benedictine theologian has joined the chorus of voices criticizing the working document of the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, calling it “biodegradable Christianity.”

In an analysis published by Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli on July 2, Dom Giulio Meiattini, a monk of the abbey of Madonna della Scala in the southern Italian province of Bari, said the Instrumentum laboris proposes and contains nothing less than a “reversal” of the “very idea of Church and Christian faith.”

“The Person of Christ and His Gospel disappear; they are literally swallowed up by the lush tropical forest” of repetitious reflection on ecology and sociology, Dom Meiattini writ

“In reading this hymn to the Amazonian paradise on earth,” the Italian monk adds, “it is difficult to understand how and why this portion of humanity needs faith in the Incarnation.”

Commenting on the document’s focus on the Amazon as an “epiphanic” source of revelation, Dom Meiattini says the apostolic, scriptural, and liturgical tradition of the Church “are covered by vines and tropical molds or sunk in marshy quicksand.” Yet he notes that the authors of the document do not seem “concerned at all about giving theological and scriptural plausibility to what they say.”

Praising German Cardinal Walter Brandmüller’s recent critique of the working document, Dom Meiattini said “it’s hard to blame him” for calling it “heretical.” But, he adds, “more than heresy, we should speak of apostasy.”   

The Instrumentum laboris “is not a Christian document,” the Benedictine theologian insists. “Let this be clearly stated: a few biblical quotations inserted as the title to several paragraphs, or the use of words like ‘Church’, ‘conversion’ and ‘pastoral,’ are not enough to guarantee the evangelical character of a text.”

Go here to read the rest.  The Amazon Synod is an attempt to transmute Catholicism into a pagan religion, worshiping nature and the myth of the noble savage.  The Church is being led by idiots and far worse than idiots.

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  1. The word you were looking for is “knaves.” Idiots and knaves is who we’re led by all right.

    (Not that there’s anything particularly new about that. It’s just the egregiousness of it all.)

  2. Having just finished reading ‘Infiltration’ by Taylor Marshall, I have given up being surprised by anything that is presented from this whacky pontificate. The Freemasons have achieved their objective.

  3. serving as lector today the second reading (Colossians 1:15-20),
    I had emphasis on “Christ Jesus… HE is the Head of the Body, that is, the Church..”
    dear bishops! who don’t actually Believe this. Take Note!

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