Fireworks Melody

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Something for the Weekend.  I always find the Handel composition Music For the Royal Fireworks (1749) to be stirring.  It was written to celebrate the ending of the War of the Austrian Succession and the signing of the peace of Aix-La-Chappelle in 1748.  It turned out to be merely a truce before the start of the Seven Years War, the big war of the Eighteenth Century, known as the French and Indian War in America, and initiated by a 22 year old George Washington!  Counting the fighting in America which began in 1754, it should properly be known as the Nine Years War.

Here is the overture with an appropriate video:


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  1. He made the decision to attack the encroaching French in the Ohio country at the battle of Jumnonville Glen. This began an ever increasing cycle of fighting in the Ohio country which led to the war between France and England in 1756. The fighting would doubtless have broken out even if Washington had never been there. However, he was the man in command at the sharp end of the stick, and even at the ripe old age of 22 he did not hesitate to take charge and make hard decisions.

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