The Congresswoman Will Pick Up the Tab

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The Babylon Bee explains Democratic Socialism:


You can’t go into a Whole Foods or indie record store without hearing somebody talk about it: democratic socialism. Is it a radical new idea that we should try out in our nation, or is it an old idea with the word “democratic” stapled to the front to make it sound more palatable? Find out in this handy explainer from your friends at The Babylon Bee:

What is Democratic Socialism?

Democratic Socialism is a growing movement in America promising every citizen the most basic human rights, including but not limited to free healthcare, a government-guaranteed job making at least $15 per hour, free college tuition, guaranteed housing, broadband internet access, and cage-free vegan lattes.

How would the government pay for all of that?

By rightfully appropriating money from terrible, evil, oppressive, hardworking, enterprising citizens who have earned wealth via the dreaded free market economy that has led to unprecedented human flourishing. Governments are known for being the most efficient spenders of money, and so surely would do an excellent job as stewards of your wealth—err, we mean, the public’s wealth.

Isn’t it immoral to take most of the money people earn?

No—actually, it’s the right thing to do. People with money only got that money because of inherent privilege, racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, patriarchy, and all kinds of other unfair power structures and phobias. You know what, we’re a little concerned with all the questions you’re asking here. It sounds like someone needs to spend a little more time in a democratic re-education loyalty center! KILL THE KULAKS!

How does Democratic Socialism differ from just “Socialism”?

It has the word “Democratic” in front of it, you see, which means it is achieved by promoting identity politics, stoking class warfare, and cranking that entitlement mentality up to 11, instead of literal violent overthrow of the government. Besides, voting for the government to seize people’s wealth is totally different from the government deciding to do so on their own, right? Err… uh… DID WE MENTION YOU GET FREE STUFF?? Say it with us: Socialism good, Democratic Socialism better!

It seems like if you try to run the numbers, there’s just no way Democratic Socialism is a fiscally feasible form of government.

“Run the numbers”? “Fiscally feasible”? Have you been paying attention, like, at all? Do you want free money, or are you part of the problem? YOU GET FREE MONEY, AND YOU GET FREE MONEY—ERRYBODY GETS FREE MONEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!


Go here to read the rest.  In short Democratic Socialism means There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch as long as the voters want there to be.  Since the elections tend to be rigged in most Democratic Socialist states that means  the gravy train goes on forever!  Just look at Venezuela or Zimbabwe!


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  1. Free market capitalism is the only economic system that does not run on governmental force.

    Democratic socialism and the green new deal are not about saving the Earth and helping the masses. They are about replacing the elites with themselves and enslaving the masses.

    It’s not that the ineffective, rapacious elites don’t need replacement or that the system is not irredeemably corrupt. Just saying< “New boss same as the old boss.” Only more stupider. .

  2. How can we run out of money when Obama’s got a stash?

    We’ll take his money, just like Maduro took Chavez’s and made Venezuela a more perfect place than Duloc!

  3. On a more serious note, what Gus is saying is that it’s an element within the elite seeking to supplant a different element in the elite while simultaneously working to ensure control of access to the elite so that only they and those who think like them will control society.

  4. Whatever someone like Bernie Sanders (or Michael Walzer) may think or want when they’re actually reflecting on matters, the portfolio of notions are merely an elaboration on what the main body of the Democratic Party has advocated for fifty-odd years. They lard on one ill-designed cross-subsidy after another, and hire social workers to guide their ‘clients’ through the thicket of cross-subsidies available to them. All of it is done with no consideration of the common welfare losses associated with public expenditures and operating under the assumption that employers aren’t constrained by circumstances and face no dilemmas in operating their businesses, but fail to do what people like AOC want them to do because they are ‘greedy’ (and ‘mean’).

  5. Question for our evangelical brethren: Will you be left behind?

    You know you are in dreaded End Times when people look to ignorant imbeciles for solutions to fabricated problems.

  6. In the late 1980s it was about making money and moving up.
    Obumbler took the facade off of the Democrats and they make no attempt to hide who they are…crazy..

    State run universities are out of control. Their modus operandi is to encourage young adults to pile up $50,000 of debt or more, often in useless degrees. These loans are not discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and follow you to your grave. Thus the impetus for the failed idea of socialism.
    I want my sons to learn a trade. Plumber, electrician, roofer, carpenter, auto body repair, HVAC, construction….but not an office drone who these days doesn’t even get a cubicle or a waste paper basket in his tiny desk packed tighter than in the Catholic schools of the 1950s.

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