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THE REAL AMERICA: Once again, the press and media are emphasizing division. But I took the weekend semi-off for a family reunion in the mountains, and driving back I came on an awful multiple-fatality accident just after it happened. (Fortunately, by the time I dug my trauma kit out and got to the scene, there was an actual paramedic on hand — just another passerby, but with a lot of skills, a great kit, and a couple of buddies who seemed to know what they were doing. Not that it mattered in the end, as the accident — a high-speed median-crossing headon — left no survivors. But at least there was someone more experienced and better trained than me to try.) But loads of people ran to help. There were a half-dozen members of the Thunderguards Atlanta chapter (a black outlaw motorcycle gang), young women, middle-aged guys, etc. All doing their best to help and to comfort the victims. When the cops showed up they asked people to move the big debris off the road — there was a lot of it, big stuff like brake assemblies and wheels — which I thought was to open up the road but was actually so a helicopter could land right next to the vehicles. Everyone pitched in, and a couple of people even produced brooms from somewhere and swept the road after the big stuff was moved.

We were stuck there for over two hours before traffic moved, and everyone was friendly, helpful and offering each other water and other assistance. From the tenor of the news coverage most days, you’d never know that this America even exists.


Go here to read the rest.  That has been my usual experience in crisis situations.

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  1. Our local news was interviewing one of the first women in the NASA astronaut program. It’s part of a lead up series for the moon landing anniversary. They were talking about Neil Armstrong (an Ohio native and big name here in our neck of the woods). Throughout the interview, the two hosts kept asking about how this or that inspired, or how Neil Armstrong inspired, her as a woman, or a little girl, or how this was good for girls going into science. She kept firing back that it really isn’t about just girls or women, but everyone. At one point she even said it’s not about black or white or men or women, it’s about the possibilities and the opportunities we all have. I had to chuckle how the hosts were trying to make it about man v. woman, but the woman (whose name wasn’t mentioned and I had missed) would have none of it. I find she represents what I see day to day much more than the faux media world of eternal divisions and disunity.

  2. The media has no boots on the ground and refuse to place them there lest they get contaminated by the riff raff in fly over country or to be seen to place too much importance on the perceived ignorance of the great unwashed. They frame their questions in ways that bolster their own preconceived ideas of what is important or dismiss and spin answers from people interviewed if said answers do not fit those ideas.

    Sad as it is, the media actually believe what they spew on TV or in print and they are there ONLY to enlighten and educate us to their truth

    As I’ve said before, the media is a false prophet who bolsters an evil agenda propagated by evil entities who seek to destroy this country and all that is good and will think nothing of destroying good people in order to achieve their demonic end game.

  3. Thanks for this. I had started to sip the Jimmy Carter brew (spirit of “Malaise”) and was beginning to see things as the media depicted them. Thoughts about the nasty power of Antifa, triggered by an earlier TAC post, took me down a mental path where I foresaw big trouble ahead for our country. I try not to be a pessimist or an optimist; I try instead to be a realist. Maybe our land isn’t in huge trouble and, instead, that is just the image of irreversible decline the media paints and wants us to accept. My gut (and reading) says we are in trouble but maybe it isn’t irreversible and maybe, if we find the courage we need, we can, with God’s help, save much of what is good…

  4. This is why Trump was elected. It was by the folks who make America great now by helping one another not, by the folks who want us to hate one another, i.e., Democrats and MSM.

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