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I guess this was inevitable, Shea is tangling with Father Z:

Mark Shea is sad because seminarians are Catholic

I was amused by this, which provoked some interesting twitter comments.

Mark Shea strikes me as… bumfuzzled.  Too bad.  He had promise.

The left has had its time. Sure, there’s a way to go yet and they can still perpetrate a lot of nasty. But, they are done. They just don’t get it.

Let me try to put this in terms that they will understand using a scene from Kill Bill, or if you prefer, Clan of the White Lotus (1980) or Executioners of Shaolin (1977). Kill Bill involves elements of old Japanese samurai, old Chinese Wu Xia, and old Spaghetti Westerns. It’s an homage pastiche with his weird post-modern scrambling of time frames. Any way, our anti-hero finally get’s her revenge on her former master using the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique taught her by Pai Mei. After receiving this blow, the recipient’s, Bill’s, heart explodes but only after taking five steps.

So, just stand or sit there, no problem. Take five steps, blammo. It is, “Kill Bill”, after all.  In other words, he sits and chats for a bit after the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique , but… he’s already dead.

How many steps are left now?

Go here to read the comments.  Mark responds with his usual grace and civility, as noted above.

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  1. I don’t particularly care if seminaries and seminarians are liberal or conservative. Although I will confess a preference for fellow conservatives. What I do care about, and what we all should care about, is whether seminaries and seminarians are orthodox or heterodox.

  2. This Shea guy thinks way too much of himself. I know you all have been trying to point that out in the past on multiple occaisions. However, I think it took my reading this blog post for me to actually “get it.”

  3. I look at a variety of Catholic pages, blogs, etc. I don’t always agree with any one, right, left, or center. I withhold my judgement on the Pope; I will admit his behavior is puzzling. Folks are free to comment and opine as they see fit. I go to a Novus Ordo parish, which because of good priests, good fellowship, and good community, I tolerate the nice, lite FM, easy listening, adult contemporary, bland slop that is the all too familiar music at mass at most parishes in our NJ NYC area suburbs and around the country. Occasionally, I will go to a sung Latin Mass for the music etc. I appreciate the best of both forms, and deplore their limitations. With most controversies, the best policy to follow is that given to Peter at the end of John’s Gospel, “What’s that to you? Follow Me. “

  4. The one thing that Mr. Shea said that is truth is that he is sad. He should of just ended his sentence with sad. It best describes himself. A very sad individual.
    Poor, sad and pathetic.

  5. It’s a self-pwn on Shea’s part. President Trump would approve I think.

    If he followed the goings-on in the Catholic corner of social media space.

  6. He throws a lot of crap at Fr. Z while providing little evidence. I used to think he posted just like Trump, but he seems to be much worse.

  7. “What’s that to you? Follow Me. “ True….in part. The Mass is the Mass in whatever form and language. We have the true Eucharist.
    However, I worry about the younger generations who in some parishes have never heard anything else but bilge (a navy term) in sermons and suspect teachings in CCD.
    Happy to say I have never looked at Shea’s blog. Not worth my time.

  8. A man of my acquaintance was for 30-odd years a licensed professional in a small city, with a solo practice which paid the bills agreeably. About 10 years ago, his practice revenue began to implode. He cycled through a number of explanations for this over the years. Somewhat in excess of four years ago, holiday visitors to his home noticed his short term memory was noticeably impaired. Not quite three years later, he fired an employee who then notified the state licensing board for his profession that they needed to audit his practice. They began an occult inquiry and presented their findings to him about five months later, informing him that he would have to close his practice withing two weeks as he’d been deemed a hazard to his clients. A coincident examination by a neuropsychologist resulted in a diagnosis of ‘moderate cognitive impairment’. I’m told he’s been sundowning a great deal lately. Most difficult for his wife. It’s a reasonable wager his patients began to notice a problem about nine years before the state licensing board put him under the scope. He was about 60 when his practice began to implode. Just a tad younger than Mark Shea.

  9. Good point Art Decco.
    Mild cognitive impairment boarding on delusions of grandeur, (# of like’s ) and complete loss of common courtesy associated with a mental illness is pathetic. Not the individual.
    Thanks for your example.

    Prayers for the ill Mark Shea going up at our 4pm group rosary.

  10. reads
    “Fr. Z is a liar and a bully-”
    K, I barely have hit on his blog, but from SHEA?

    Seriously? Log, eye, splinter, brother, some assembly required?

  11. Mark calls someone a bully? That’s why I don’t go there anymore. Unless someone sends me a link, I see no more reason to go to his blog than to go to Westboro Baptist’s site.

  12. One’s a bully, maybe. It’s hard to know for sure because the other is most definitely a cry-bully. So is the cry-bully really being bullied, standing up to the bully, or just being a sneaky bully?

  13. Went and took a look at the comments on Fr. Z’s post. Pretty charitable and chaste for an “orgy of character assassination.”

  14. Did anybody else read the 3-volume read “Mary Mother of the Son” by Mark Shea back in 2009? The first volume made me want to stand up and cheer. The other two volumes were only slightly less wonderful

    Not long after that he started to criticize all kinds of Catholic posters, but then apologized soon thereafter. Not long after he went off the deep end. Now he’s just crazy, It’s terribly sad, and we should pray for him..

  15. I used to read both Fr Z and Mark’s blog on a daily or near daily basis, found something helpful in both and occasionally found something to criticize in both. I finally gave up on Mark several months after Trump’s election when his TDS just became too much for me to handle. (Still read Fr Z) The whole situation just makes me sad – and based on Art’s comments now I have to wonder if there isn’t some mental health or early dementia issue going on with him. If that’s the case Mark really needs our prayers more than our condemnation….

  16. I don’t know if Mark’s problems are pathological or not. They could just be personality issues and foibles that have never been called out. There were signs of problems even back when I thought well of his ministry. He tended to be hypocritical, calling out others for doing what he proudly did. He also engaged in favoritism, calling down hellfire on people for saying or advocating this or that, but then turning around and giving a pass to those he admired or who were his friends. Both are bad for ministry. Having never been called out – he’s still rewarded and praised by clergy, parishes, colleges and other Catholic outlets – these issues simply took root. In fact, his profile increased the worse he got. If you reward a child for bad behavior, you’ll get a child who engages more and more in bad behavior. Also, part of the madness, rancor, vitriol and calumny that defines him now could be that he hitched his wagon to the Left some years ago. Since then, the Left has become almost flagrant in pushing for discrimination against Christians, racism against whites, sexism against men, anti-American and anti-Western prejudice, broadening unlimited abortion to full-blown infanticide, pushing euthanasia, and throwing down almost all that is common sense reality. What can he do when he boasts voting party line for this? Repent and change once again? Or just hunker down? I wonder if it’s a combination of these.

  17. K, I barely have hit on his blog, but from SHEA?
    Seriously? Log, eye, splinter, brother, some assembly required?

    Foxfier, that was my exact thought when Shea posted to twitter:
    “The basic stance of the BabBee is “Both sides are terrible, especially the Democrats, who are obviously the real problem and who we will hyper focus on while… https://t.co/XYDx2gJRux
    -<a href=’https://twitter.com/chezami/status/1150129169617100801?s=03>Source

    And of course after the Fr. Z exchange he was quick to embrace the “woe is me” stance… (all real quotes from his facebook)

    When a huge mob of Traddy orcs is sicced on one person by the biggest clerical bully on the entire web and a couple hundred of them spend a day or so pounding the living shit out of his good name, you can be absolutely certain of one thing. There will be a follow up wave of Traddies who will insist that Not All Traddies are like this and that really, when you think about it, if you just didn’t make so much noise complaining when the mob kicks you in the groin repeatedly, you wouldn’t be having all this trouble.

    What you never see is the “Not All Traddies” folks and the “You brought this on yourself, you know” ministers of healing go back to the mob of orcs and dare to say, “You know, if Shea is really as bad as we say, we should pray for him and not act like a mob of orcs who hate his living guts. Because we sure look and act like that is what we are.”

    Why don’t they ever do that? Because they know that if they said that and stuck to it, the orcs would eat them alive and they are terrified of facing that fact.

    This is why I don’t believe for a second the “Most Traddies are not like this” line. Most Traddies are like this and the nice ones are afraid to challenge them so they scold their victims.

    (this is normally where I would bring up how Shea reacted to the Covington Kids)

    Well, the Hornet Swarm seems to have died down and Fr. Z’s flying monkeys moved on to greener jungles. Thanks for visiting! Total number of new followers from the People’s Soviet Committee for Public Theologically Correct Perfection appears be 44. Now to see how long before they die of boredom.

  18. As for whether it’s a physical malady that affects Shea… I doubt it.

    For one thing, he maintains 2 facebook pages. Proof:
    This seems a bit complex for one suffering from dementia to be able to do. Or at the very least, one would expect the contents from the facebooks to overlap. But if you compare them – they don’t. One contains his clean, “i’m a good catholic” image, and another has his political insanity.

    No, I think Dave G’s explanation is more accurate. Shea has gone further left, and they’ve only served to encourage his bad habits, so his sins have grown and magnified.

  19. I’ve never been a big fan of the “professional Catholic blogger” shtick when it reaches regular outreach for donations to sustain it – regardless of how much I like the blogger.

    But perhaps Mark could explain why it’s fine for him to rattle his tin cup for offerings (as he has just this spring), but when Fr. Z does it, he’s a “grifter.”

  20. You see, Richard, Mark operates from an “it’s okay for me, but not for thee” mindset. If people want to donate their money to bloggers, it’s their money and their business.

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