Charity at Gunpoint

News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


HILLSIDE, OR—A lot of Christians are criticized for not being very compassionate to the poor. But you can’t say that about Larry DeManson, a local believer who is so committed to charity for those less fortunate than himself that he always votes for government to steal money from his neighbor and give it to the impoverished.

“The Bible calls us to take care of the poor,” he told reporters, “but that’s tough because it costs money. But then I was looking over at my neighbors and realized they have more money than I do—why not just vote for the government to confiscate their wealth and give it to the poor? Problem solved.”

DeManson no longer has a guilty conscience whenever he sees people in need.

“I don’t personally have to do anything,” he said. “The government does it for me.”

The man cites the verse “somewhere in James” that says that “true religion before the Father is to forcibly redistribute money from those wealthier than you in order to take care of the poor.”


Go here to read the rest. Bee, this is supposed to be satire, but Mark Shea has been preaching a similar message for ages.  Go here for a sample, and here

and here.  According to Shea the welfare state is an essential component of Christianity and you are damned if you oppose it.

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  1. I wonder if the poor can sell their “preferential option”. We should inquire of Pope Francis how much these options are worth because in good Capitalist fashion we could create a market for them. The rich could buy them from the poor. Poverty problem solved.

  2. Amici, Americani, Compatriotae,

    Last night’s Scripture readings in the Office of Readings for the Liturgy of the Hours was the story of the murder of Naboth the Jezreelite in 1st Kings 21. The government (KIng Ahab) wanted Naboth’s vineyard. Ahab’s wife AOC – er, I mean Queen Jezebel – arranged for the wealth redistribution to government by having two scoundrels falsely accuse him of blasphemy (denying God) and treason (denying the king). So Naboth was stoned to death and the government (King Ahab) confiscated the vineyard. The poor received no wealth redistribution from the confiscation. It remained with the government (King Ahab and AOC – er, Queen Jezebel). The Lord sent Elijah to confront the government. He told Ahab and AOC – er, I mean Jezebel – what was going to happen. Ahab repented. AOC – darn, I always get that wrong – Jezebel – did not. See 2nd Kings 9:30-37 for the fulfillment of Elijah’s prophecy against her.

    I guess now we know how God feels about government politicians who forcibly redistribute wealth.

  3. Somewhere in “The City of God,” St. Augustine writes something to the effect, “Government without justice is organized brigandage.” The “City” (like Orwell’s 1984) was a warning and defense of Christianity, not a guide book.

    The RNC seems to be wising up. It is simply broadcasting unedited quotes from the Circular Firing Squad.

    Next time a liberal idiot [redundant] tells you that President Trump is a philanderer, Ask, “What’s this about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her brother? It appears that she was married to her brother.”

    Like Twain said, “There is no native American criminal class, except Congress.”

  4. ILLHAN OMAR is an hypocrite, who who hate America and her ambition is to destroy the christian foundation of this country. Wake up America .Stand up to this kind of people.

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