Saint of the Day Quote: Martyrs of Compiègne


Courage, my sister, the yoke of a Carmelite is necessarily very light or very heavy in proportion as one’s courage bears it or one’s cowardice drags it.

St. Teresa of St. Augustine (Martyr of Compiegne)


Choir Nuns

  • Mother Teresa of St. Augustine, prioress (Madeleine-Claudine Ledoine) b. 1752
  • Mother St. Louis, sub-prioress (Marie-Anne [or Antoinette] Brideau) b. 1752
  • Mother Henriette of Jesus, ex-prioress (Marie-Françoise Gabrielle de Croissy) b. 1745
  • Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified (Marie-Anne Piedcourt) b. 1715
  • Sister Charlotte of the Resurrection, ex-sub-prioress and sacristan (Anne-Marie-Madeleine Thouret) b. 1715
  • Sister Euphrasia of the Immaculate Conception (Marie-Claude Cyprienne) b. 1736
  • Sister Teresa of the Sacred Heart of Mary (Marie-Antoniette Hanisset) b. 1740
  • Sister Julie Louise of Jesus, widow (Rose-Chrétien de la Neuville) b. 1741
  • Sister Teresa of St. Ignatius (Marie-Gabrielle Trézel) b. 1743
  • Sister Mary-Henrietta of Providence (Anne Petras) b. 1760
  • Sister Constance of St. Denis, novice (Marie-Geneviève Meunier) b. 1765

Lay Sisters

  • Sister St. Martha (Marie Dufour) b. 1742
  • Sister Mary of the Holy Spirit (Angélique Roussel) b. 1742
  • Sister St. Francis Xavier (Julie Vérolot) b. 1764


  • Catherine Soiron b. 1742
  • Thérèse Soiron b. 1748


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  1. Isn’t it interesting that:
    – Robespierre met his end at the guillotine shortly after these nuns were executed for the crime of being Catholic, and:
    – the English, who at this time had been persecuting Catholics for about 250 years, developed some sympathy for the French who remained loyal to the Church?

  2. Song of the Scaffold by Gertrude Von Le Fort. Required reading for h.s. girls in the late ’60s. Review:
    “This is a classic novelette set in the time of the French Revolution, an epoch that vividly demonstrated man’s capacity for both heroism and brutality. It is an intense and compelling drama based on the true story of the Carmelite nuns at Compeigne beheaded during the last few days of the Revolution, but also encompassing the Paris mob, the Reign of Terror, women revolutionists, etc., climaxing in the heroic martyrdom of sixteen Carmelites. This story unfolds around Blanche de la Force, who enters the Carmelite convent amid the horror of the French Revolution. Blanche is so timorous that she seems unsuited to the rigors of religious life even at the best of times – and badly misplaced as the Reign of Terror begins to stain France with the blood of martyrs.Sister Marie, one of the leading nuns in the convent, receives with joy the death threats of the revolutionaries: the sisters are going to be awarded the crown of Christian martyrdom! Sister Marie prepares the other nuns for this fearsome sacrifice, all the while harboring doubts about Blanche’s ability and willingness to join them in dying for Christ. Blanche’s life thereafter and the story of the nuns take several unexpected twists, leaving you not only with the inspiring, true witness of their martyrdom, but also with a penetrating insight into the nature of holiness. As our world is engulfed anew in terror and hatred for the Christian faith, The Song at the Scaffold will inspire us with a renewed and fervent love for God.”

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