Just When You Think the New York Times Can’t Go Any Lower

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  1. Not picking moral scolds gotta pick nits. And scold

    But don’t you dare accuse them not loving the country!

  2. As if to help explain why people could do something like gather in a large arena and chant ‘go back home.’

  3. By Saturday somebody will be complaining that Armstrong and Aldrin should have erected the United Nations flag instead of the American flag.

    After that, they’ll bitch about how exclusionary “mankind” was to women of both genders , or none at all!

  4. I heard this today:
    “I’m so glad the US moon landing (all white men) was a hoax-
    it would have been such a racist and sexist thing otherwise.”

    Trump has driven the Left to “visible” madness.

  5. The N.Y. Times never misses an opportunity to bash American. They could have added to their disgust by giving America credit for electing the first idiot President.

  6. The US had a gap in human spaceflight access between the Apollo-Soyuz mission in July 1975 and the first space shuttle launch on April 12, 1981. Both the first Asian and first black cosmonauts flew in mid to late 1980 during this transition period of the US human spaceflight program. IIRC the space shuttle program experienced significant developmental delays that delayed the first launch date. The US human spaceflight program was effectively grounded when the Soviet launches of the Asian and black cosmonauts took place.

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