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The Argentinian-German axis spins along:


Bishop Erwin Kräutler – a member of the preparatory council of the upcoming Amazon synod and a key author of the synod’s controversial working document – said he has “hope” the synod will approve the ordination of female deacons along with the priestly ordination of married men. 

Kräutler made it clear in his July 14 interview with the Austrian TV channel ORF, as well as in a recent talk in Austria, that allowing women to become deacons would be the “first degree of Holy Orders” and could ultimately lead to women becoming priests within the Catholic Church. 

“The fact is that our 800 parishes [in his Diocese of Xingu, Brazil, where he is the retired bishop] are led by laymen, and two thirds even by women,” he said. The priest “comes by only two or three times a year, and this I consider to be a scandal.” These parishes have the Liturgy of the Word, but not the Holy Eucharist.

“When two-thirds of these parishes are led by women,” he continued, “why can they then not also obtain ordination and preside on Sundays over the Holy Eucharist? Does one then have a man [priest] who comes and pushes the woman away, even though she led the parish for years and with competence and with much empathy? And then a man comes and pushes her away. I cannot imagine this.”

When asked which ordination he is thinking of, Kräutler answered: “at least the female diaconate, that is what we hope for at the Amazon synod. The first degree of Holy Orders. And then we can see.” 

When asked if he thinks such a move is “realistic,” the bishop answered: “Yes I do.”

Kräutler suggested regarding the ordination of women that the Pope could leave the decision up to individual bishops or bishops’ conferences. 

When asked by the journalist as to why, during his work as a bishop in Xingu, there were so few vocations in his diocese, the Austrian prelate responded that “the real reason is celibacy.” He explained that he did ordain “a few priests,” but half of them later left the priesthood because of celibacy.

Go here to read the rest.  This is a completely manufactured “crisis”.

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  1. If homosexual then why not female… or if female then why not homosexual..
    We’ve seen this play out in other Christian Church’s and the Boy Scouts.
    Some things were left to men only, just as some things were left to women only.
    A male celibate priesthood.

  2. Put a bunch of homosexuals in charge, make sure they hit on the young heterosexual men brave enough to enter seminary and it doesn’t take too long to say we have a priest shortage when those few brave souls leave. Someone should pass out Portuguese copies of Goodbye Good Men at the Amazon Synod.

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