You Racist You!

Any man who judges by the group is a pea-wit. You take men one at a time.

Sergeant Buster Kilrain, Scrrenplay, Gettysburg (1993)



News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA—Friends and family members of local progressive woman June April were concerned about her. She had been seeing things and hearing voices in her head. The things she saw were mostly racism, white supremacy, and the patriarchy. She saw them even when everyone else in the room didn’t.

So, her friends finally convinced her to talk to a trained psychiatrist. After meeting with Dr. Richard Bryers, the family’s worst fears were confirmed: April is having hallucinations about white supremacy no matter where she goes.

During the session, Dr. Bryers held up dozens of different images of random inkblots. As soon as he displayed each image, April began to get agitated and shout, “WHITE SUPREMACY! WHITE SUPREMACY!” When asked to defend her logic, she often pointed at how the white paper was surrounding the black blot, threatening to snuff it out.

“This is clearly racism!” she said.

No matter if the image resembled a butterfly, a freight train, a Pokemon, the Batman logo, a map of Middle-Earth, a palm tree, or a hundred jelly beans, April’s answer remained the same: white supremacy.

“Now, this might be hard for you, but I need to know: is the racism in the room with us right now, June?” Dr. Bryers asked quietly as the session neared its end.

Go here to read the rest.  To a true racist, the answer to almost every question of significance is always race, a sickness that has deeply infected the contemporary Left, which proclaims itself anti-racist as its votaries spout the most racist tripe imaginable.


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  1. The Divine Spark of the rational immortal human soul raises man to an individual sovereign person in a land of sovereigns, as Dr. Jordan Peterson says: “You cannot apologize to a mob.” The Sacrament of Penance bears testimony to the individual Divine Spark.
    One of the reasons given for Roe v. Wade was that children born into poverty would become criminals. The children of the poor must be slaughtered in the womb to prevent crime, over population and people as pollution. The Divine Spark infused at conception is ignored and atheism is imposed upon the people who must support the murder of the innocent child in the womb who are the standard of Justice for the state; legal and moral innocence. And the people must pay for another individual to murder their offspring, disenfranchising all men of their seed and God of his created and beloved children.
    The Divine Spark is eternal.

  2. I notice that, as a general rule, progressives become outraged every time a white person talks about minorities the way progressives talk about white people. That might be the cause of the growing rift in our nation where racism is concerned.

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