In Hoc Signo Morere ? In This Sign Die ?

Protecting A Little Boy

Recently I read about an open statement from a father of a young boy to his parish clergy. He told them that , based on the ever-burgeoning mass of factual evidence showing incontrovertibly that several thousands of  ordained persons –deacon,  priest, bishop, cardinal – are homopredators,  perverts, sodorapists, and sexual abusers, or their enablers and covering up for them, he will never again permit his young son to be in any situation in which he might possibly be alone with anyone ordained to Holy Orders.

This man is doing what his role and sacred vocation as father require of him – he is protecting his son, both physically and spiritually. His pre-judgment of all those ordained is not out of line, hateful or bigoted. This father is being realistic and prudent, and he is caring for his son.  He must, morally must,  do this, particularly  in view of all that is now known about the thousands of corrupt, evil clergy, both here and around the world, those who shuttled them around for decades, and their tens of thousands of victims .

Protecting The Whole Flock

This mass of factual evidence now points to something more frightful, more ominous, if that is possible. It is hard for good catholics to conceive of this, but thousands of our priests and bishops have not only utterly failed as shepherds, they are either criminals themselves or they are complicit in the evil. At least, based on what is now known, what to date the bishops, their lawyers, and their minions have been unable to cover up, it is clear that there are many, many bishops  who are either criminals themselves,  or were or are enablers and shuttlers of the known criminals (aware  of their crimes, yet transferring  them from parish to parish or from parish to another diocese knowing full well they would attack and assault  more innocent children, young people and adults).

Why should not Christ’s flock be similarly protected, both physically and spiritually, from the bishops, archbishops, and cardinals of America?  Why should not the same be done by all the faithful as the good father did for his little son?  As good catholics, for us now, why is it not a valid and prudent presumption  that every bishop, archbishop and cardinal is evil or is involved up to their eyeballs in the evil, unless proven otherwise ?

Widows’ Mites Stolen

We have learned  about cocaine-fueled homoorgies with priest toy boys and bought-and-paid for professional male prostitutes in the Vatican, and vacation beach homes for priestly homopredation of young men, including clergy crimes by some of the highest ranking bishops and cardinals in America, paid for with the widows’ mites and the faithfuls’ money.  We know about what has been made public regarding payments made by bishops everywhere in America, from sea to shining sea, settling claims against them personally and against their dioceses, many settlements still under seal in court records; and there are a plethora of details of millions and millions of dollars of payments still maintained in secret, ostensibly to “protect the victims.”  There can be no doubt – the widows’ mites also paid for settlements that nullified any personal  bishop liability.

But there has been no publicity about a single faithful catholic who gave money to bishops or dioceses for the intended purpose of paying off claims against the church and against bishops based on the sexual crimes of ordained clergy, or for the episcopal criminal cover ups of those crimes.  Among other things, the billions of dollars  paid out for the crimes and the shepherd malpractice supports a prudent presumption of evil, as does the ever-lengthening list of the thousands of the faithful who were victims of the  clergy.

Clerical Satanists

Beyond all imagining about the hellish depths to which the ordained clergy including bishops have descended, now another dark iceberg is just starting to emerge from the black depths of the bishops’ dealings, as we hear hints that priests and  bishops going back decades have been involved in satanism, and satanic rituals with child rape and animal torture.

Based on what we have learned that has been covered up for about half a century, if anyone replies “that’s unsubstantiated, that’s fear mongering, that is simply untrue, you must respect the office of these other Christs,” they should go back, beginning in the 1980s,  and see how the hierarchy and those ensconced with them in power pooh-poohed the accusations about a USA/Canada homopredator network of pederast clergy – which we now know is worse than we could ever have dreamed of. They did not just pooh-pooh. They castigated, ridiculed, shunned, and condemned the good catholics who dared to speak truth to their evil power.

Sacred Duty of the Faithful?

Why is this not the sacred duty of catholics so that the immortal souls of the faithful are protected from bishops’ evil  and saved for eternity?  Why now is it not the most prudent and most virtuous presumption to provisionally, until proven otherwise, place each and every bishop and archbishop  correctly within the scope of one or more of the following categories ?

  1. Active homopredator
  2.   Liar
  3.  Sodorapist of young men and boys
  4.  Thief
  5.  Known shuttler of known criminal clergy
  6.  Wolf in shepherds’ clothing
  7. One criminally overing up  crimes of either his own or of other priests and bishops
  8.  Active homosexual
  9.  Using money of the faithful or approving it, for clerical lifestyles of homosexual luxury, contrary to canon  law and thereby defrauding the faithful, both canonically and civilly
  10. Sexual pervert

Solace ?

It is a matter of true sorrow, and no solace, now knowing that these men, if unrepentant, will be cast into that everlasting fire of which Jesus warned us in his own words, contrary to the heresies of Jorge Bergolgio that hell is not forever. It is little solace now knowing that all of their victims and all those they  have led astray into sin, despair, or heresy  still have the hope of realizing their wrongdoings, repenting, and saving their souls.

Perhaps there is solace in God’ word.

And the powers of hell will not prevail against My church. (Mt 16:18)

There must be  heresies among you, that those approved may be manifested among you.(1 Cor 11:19)

And, lo, I am with you until the end of the world. (Mt 28:20)







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  1. That should be “In hoc signo mori”
    I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but you have an important point to make and using incorrect Latin grammar is just as bad as using poorly written English.

  2. Why now is it not the most prudent and most virtuous presumption to provisionally, until proven otherwise, place each and every bishop and archbishop correctly within the scope of one or more of the following categories ?

    Because the probability of even being accused, as a religious, is lower than the probability of having been charged and found guilty as a school teacher. That’s in spite of it also being known that many victims of educator assault never tell anybody, and there’s no group collecting stats 30+ years later about inappropriate relations between teachers and students.

    Predators choose places that grant them access to prey; learn to identify predators, rather than assuming everyone near prey is a predator.

  3. Kevin-I meant the present singular imperative, not the present infinitive. I wanted the title question to be a question abou tthis: What if a bishop tells orders you, in the imperative, “In this sign, die!” or in ohter words, a command is given that you are to die for this sign, as an episcopal command. Point of the title question is-if one of the evil bishops gives such a command, must a member of the faithful obey? with obeying meaning that they will sin and possibly go to hell. Guy McClung, Texas

  4. Foxfier-There is so much more we know now about what the evil bishops have done and are doing – much more than simply and only a bishop being near a boy. Good example of what we now more than such nearness: when Mr. Predator Uncle Ted McCarrick was going to visit a seminary, the word went out re: the young seminariams: “Hide the handsome ones.” Guy McClung, Texas

  5. Clerical Satanists: Boise priest who lived in ‘world of Satanism and pornography’ sentenced to 25 years in prison in DEC 2018.. The Rev. W. Thomas Faucher also used LSD, Ecstasy, and other drugs. From the Idaho Statesman story, “The diocese evicted Faucher while he was being held in the Ada County Jail, and they had the house exorcised before selling it.”

  6. Guy–
    Now that we have been alerted, now what? How do we live with your scenario day to day?

    One conclusion could be that we abandon the Catholic Church as it has become the seat of the devil. But that would be doing the devil’s will. We must carry on with prayer and awareness, going to Mass, praying, doing penance, doing good for others.

    What do you think Guy? What’s our way forward?

  7. Michael D, You are asking one who almost daily stands and publicly says, not too loud, “I have greatly sinned, in my thoughts, in my words, in what I have done,a nd in what I have failed to do; thrrough my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.” So give me a moment to think about a reply. I do like your word, “our” – whatever, we do this TOGETHER. Guy

  8. “he will never again permit his young son to be in any situation in which he might possibly be alone with anyone ordained to Holy Orders.” Holy Orders have nothing to do with this common sense notion of protecting your child. If your parish doesn’t already have a policy regarding this practice then leave. Where my sons serve the priests don’t want to be left alone with boys for the own protection i.e. the very common and under reported phenomenon of false accusation. Children may not travel in the priest’s vehicles. When I read the old stories of boys being abused while on vacation with a priest I have to wonder how stupid the parents were for agreeing to this arrangement.

  9. Our Lady of Medjugory tell us to pray for your shepperd.The devil want to destroy the priesthood ,because no priest mean no Eucharist.Priest dont know how precious they are. They are a gift to us from God so we can go to Heaven. When you are about to died ,it is a priest that you need not an angel.

  10. Guy-
    that’s pretty standard predator behavior. Get authority over the target, and use it.

    Of course, when it’s done outside of the church, we’re not supposed to notice it. Milo got deep-sixed because he pointed out that it’s standard homosexual behavior to target vulnerable, younger men.

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