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America, the Jesuit rag not the country, has just published a puff piece on Communism entitled The Catholic Case for Communism, (yeah, imagine an article entitled The Catholic Case for Fascism) that has to be read to be believed:

But in her attempt to create sympathy for the people attracted to communism and to overcome a knee-jerk prejudice against them, Day needlessly perpetuated two other prejudices against communism. First, she said that under all the goodness that draws people to communism, the movement is, in the final analysis, a program “with the distinct view of tearing down the church.”

Then, talking about a young communist in her neighborhood who was killed after being struck by a brick thrown by a Trotskyite, she concluded that young people who follow the goodness in their hearts that may lead them to communism are not fully aware of what it is they are participating in—even at the risk of their lives. In other words, we should hate the communism but love the communist.

Though Day’s sympathetic criticism of communism is in many ways commendable, nearly a century of history shows there is much more to the story than these two judgments suggest. Communist political movements the world over have been full of unexpected characters, strange developments and more complicated motivations than a desire to undo the church; and even through the challenges of the 20th century, Catholics and communists have found natural reasons to offer one another a sign of peace.

Go here to read the stark, staring mad rest.  This article is the perfect symbol for the Age of Francis where Catholicism is in the midst of a hostile takeover by the far Left.  Give the Jesuit Leftists at America an A for honesty and an F for everything else.  Judas is most definitely the patron damned for the truly evil people behind this assault on the Bride of Christ.  Don’t let these villains succeed.


Update:  The President of America, the Jesuit rag not the nation, gives a defense of why, although they aren’t Communists, perish the thought!, America published an article sympathetic to Communism.  Go here to read it.  Uh-huh.  Get back to me Father Malone the next time you run a piece sympathetic to Fascism.  Heck, get back to me the next time you run a piece sympathetic to Republicans.  It should be noted that this article is not some random piece submitted to America.  It is authored by Dean Dettloff, the Toronto correspondent for America.  Go here and here to read more about Mr. Dettloff, who most definitely is a Communist.  So let me get this straight:  America employs a Communist as a correspondent and publishes a mendacious puff piece on Communism which he writes, but Heaven forbid that anyone suspect that the Jesuits of America are Communists.



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  1. For “Pope” Francis Communism is the new Catholicism. In his mind this is another stage in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s evolutionary vision.

  2. If we had a pope with a minimal sense of responsibility, members of the Society of Jesus would be told to report to the ordinary in the diocese where they’d spent the largest share of their time in the priesthood and apply for incardination. If accepted, they could continue in the priesthood. If rejected, they’d be dismissed from the clerical state. The order is so ruined I don’t think it’s worth bothering to attempt to repair it. We’ve had five popes in the last 50-odd years. One seemed rather ill-matched to the position and died after five weeks, one was a Vatican functionary who dithered his way through 15 years in the pontificate (bequeathing the ruin of the liturgy), one is a frank horror, and two were well-intentioned but seldom willing to take decisive action in any venue.

  3. Evil ideas can sometimes put up a good face to attract decent people. Reread Chambers’ introduction to “Witness”, wherein he describes the three Communists who inspired him as a young man. It took him years to realize how Communism (and Stalin in particular) could exploit compassion for human suffering to serve indecency. Catholic philosophy penetrated that false face in the 19th century and a Jesuit magazine should know better.

  4. Thank you; I am wholly unworthy of such patriotic tribute! Perhaps mag name should be spelled “Amerika,” eh, comrade?

  5. I think that Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Populorum Progressio had the seeds of a lot of this heretical liberal progressive nonsense on the Catholic Case for Communism.

    The Social Teaching is a work in progress. The trouble I had with Rerum Novarum is that it seemed to assume the existence of a social architecture (master-journeyman-apprentice relations) that simply wasn’t there anymore.

  6. Popes too little heed Christ’s admonition to render unto Caesar what is Caesar and unto God what is God’s. Especially when to comes to economics, the Popes manifestly have no charism and usually no expertise. Pius XII of blessed memory started the pattern of popes opining on everything under the sun which has become a bad habit for his successors.

  7. I heard a trad on You Tube call the Jesuits the Society of Judas. I think that clocks it pretty well. On second thought, he might owe Judas an apology.

  8. Communism is the most detestable, most evil ideology foistered upon mankind. Marx was a slimy grifter who I believe was really a Satanist.
    Internet atheists love to make pests of themselves by blaming religion as the reason for all wars, while ignoring the 100 million killed by Communism in about a century. Communism is an abject failure in terms of achieving its goals, but a resounding success in entrenching an all powerful elite ruling class.
    Let this idiot from Toronto publish his piece in Poland. The Poles defeated Communism twice and proved that it is a loser ideology.

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