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  1. To me nothing’s more relaxing than ocean kayak fishing in Narragansett Bay and off the coast of Rhode Island on a calm day. You literally can’t get any more “on the water”. If you go, safety first, and don’t go alone.
    (Massachusetts please keep your seals and great whites on Cape Cod.)

  2. David WS.

    Agreed 100%.

    My dad was stationed at Woods Hole Mass when he served in the Coast Guard.
    I was born in Providence.

    The sea and sky marvelously become one on those gorgeous mornings…still as a pond. No wind. Just peace.

    I grew up on Lake Michigan.
    My friend Mike from Fort Wayne Ind. came up to visit in the summer of 1975.
    Even after the explanation that Great Whites don’t exist in the Great Lakes, (Jaws did a number on him,) that he still refused to go swimming with us.

    Catch a Blue Fin Dave!
    What a ride that would be.

  3. Christopher Hitchen, atheist, says that the parable of the Good Samaritan proves that religion is no good. The Levite and the high Priest both passed the bleeding man. Only the Good Samaritan stopped to help. Hitchens failed to realize that the Rabbi, Jesus Christ is telling the parable.
    Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law not to abolish or to change the law.

    Always eat the jackasses first. Save the elephants for the 2020 election to vote the baby-killers out. Then one must eat the RINOS. The buffalo bullies must be eaten, as well as those fighting like cats and dogs. Be not afraid of lions and tigers and bears. Never let the camels get their noses under the tent. Don’t let Al Gore who flies around the planet impose taxes for methane passed by cattle called the cow-fart tax. Eat the cows.
    I am writing the cracker company to inquire about the kangaroo courts and the giraffes being discriminated against.
    When you get to the bottom of the bag you will find a bunch of legs to stand on.
    Get the 3 pound size

  5. “the consent of the governed” as inscribed in our Declaration of Independence and ratified by every state and every constituent in every state from the beginning of our United States of America defines government.
    Abraham Lincoln said: “government of the people, for the people, and by the people…”

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