Outstanding Ad Positioning

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“Ah, this blog is Catholic, conservative, and geeky?  How about an– IndiGoGo fund for a combat vet exorcist priest comic book!”


Soulfinder: Demon’s Match
A major order of exorcists — all combat veterans — battle evil that most people cannot fathom.
Apparently a lot of other folks think it’s cool, too, because it’s at over 200% of funding.
No idea what they did with the ads, but it’s nice to see something that is reasonably likely to get a good result!

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  1. I’m one of the backer and have known Doug for awhile. Awesome dude, I recommend folks here give the book a chance if you like comics.

    He also joined the superversive podcast to give an interview about the project here:

  2. For some time now I’ve wanted to answer that spiritual-not-religious thing with “I’m religious but not particularly spiritual.”

    Never found the occasion though.

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