On Vacation

Some incidents and thoughts from my Vacation:

  1.  Binge watching The Twilight Zone with my mother-in-law.  My mother-in-law is a spry 87 and could easily pass for 67.  Looking at the Twilight Zone episodes I was struck again by how well acted and well written they were, almost always with a strong moral lesson.  I had forgotten just how amusing how many of them were.  I greatly enjoyed the episode Once Upon a Time with Silent Screen star Buster Keaton:
  2. Larry makes his presence known. While he lived, my son Larry was fond of sneaking out to cars to attempt to listen to music on radios.  On occasion he did this to vehicles belonging to our thankfully tolerant neighbors.  On November 26, 2014, Thanksgiving Eve, after dark, my daughter Mary was walking Cali the family dog and found the van unlocked and the lights on.  Since purchasing our new Transit Connect in November of 2017, we have had several occasions on which the windows have been rolled down in an empty car.  This is impossible to do, as the vehicle locks automatically and the windows are power windows.  The latest occasion was while we were in Kenosha on vacation on July 27, 2019.  After we arrived at my mother-in-law’s house, and before we left for lunch, Donnie reported that he witnessed the windows in the Transit Connect all being down.  Larry always loved our trips to Kenosha, which were part of our annual vacations, and presumably he loves the Kenosha visits still.
  3. Braxton Bragg.  It wouldn’t be a McClarey vacation without book purchases.  The prize purchase was the second, and concluding, volume of Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat.  I have long had the first volume, but I was unaware that a second volume was written.  The late Grady McWhiney wrote the first volume in 1969.  He took the story up through Stone’s River.  He became so disgusted with Bragg that he never completed a second volume.  That was undertaken by one of his grad students, Judith Lee Hallock, in 1991.  I rank her second volume as better than the first.  A good argument can be made that the incompetent and irascible Bragg was more responsible for the failure of the Confederacy than any single man not named Abraham Lincoln.
  4. Mass-While on vacation in Kenosha we hear Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.   It is a wonderful  largely Italian-American parish with a church that mostly escaped the wreckovations of Vatican II.  We always sit close to a statue of Saint Padre Pio.  I always feel close to God there.
  5. Gen Con 52-Gen Con was great as usual.  My bride spent her time in the craft section, and Donnie and I haunted the auction of games.  Picked up several games.  Hard to believe I have been attending Gen Con with my bride for a third of a century now.  In the auction I noticed that I tend to have the same bidding habits that I had years ago, although I could now easily afford to outbid most people on items that I desire.  However, that would take the fun out of it, as well as being piggish to the other participants in the auction.

A very nice recharging of the batteries.



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  1. That’s a good episode. Some of the more straight-up comedy episodes don’t always fare so well (e.g. “Mr. Dingle the Strong”), but that one really holds up. By the way, if I were to pick one episode that did a fine job of promoting religion (I say this even as an atheist) and freedom it would have to be “The Obsolete Man” starring Burgess Meredith.

  2. Regarding #2)


    #1 promise is signal graces.

    Larry sharing in these gifts from and with God is very realistic in my opinion. Why?
    Because His generosity can never be outdone and He keeps His promises.

    I picture Larry and Jesus sending you and yours a kiss from above while you take your annual summer vacation .

    Happy to hear that your batteries are charged.

    Happy too to hear that Larry taged along with the approved signals to let your family share in his Joy. He is Joyful beyond measure.

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