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  1. It wasn’t me or any of the 63 million Trump patriots.

    The shortest time lapse in Creation is the time it takes a NYC cabby to hit the horn when the traffic light turns green. The second shortest is Democrats politicizing gun tragedies.

    When you first posted on the recent Democrat campaign events, I commented, “Cue the Hysterics!”

    Mark-who’s hysterics are tiny additions to Democrats’ lows in politicizing gun tragedies.

    Hysterics don’t matter.

  2. Wow. And I thought the post where he mocked appeals to understanding society’s problems in light of our relationship to God as ‘mystical mumbo-jumbo’ was a slam dunk for ‘worst post by a Christian ever.’ You just topped me.

  3. At Liturgy last night (Transfiguration) our priest mentioned gun control. As in…gun control doesn’t work. As in more laws and regs won’t work. As in the Reps, Senate, and Pres can pass all the laws and rules and regs and none of it will stop the violence. We must be Transfigured, hearts turned toward Christ. Parents must raise their children to respect life, etc.
    Wow. Honestly, I never thought a member of the clergy might even hint at being a “right wing,” or “conservative” type.

  4. “We must be Transfigured”

    Batter my heart, three-person’d God, for you

    As yet but knock, breathe, shine, and seek to mend;

    That I may rise and stand, o’erthrow me, and bend

    Your force to break, blow, burn, and make me new.

    John Donne

  5. But… that speech in question, Trump LITERALLY asked for more gun control. I watched a few right-leaning people turn and rage at Trump on it. He’s LITERALY trying to give Shea what he wants.

    And Mark still acts like that.

    This is your brain in the leftist bubble.

  6. “We must be Transfigured, hearts turned toward Christ. Parents must raise their children to respect life, etc.”

    Kudos to your priest. Sadly, that seems to be the exception rather than the rule, at least based on what I’m hearing.

  7. A reader writes: “In case you haven’t been told, Pete Socks screenshotted your f-bomb post and commented “Let’s all take a moment and pray for Mark Shea. This is very sad to see.”

    Oh yes. I knew the Malignant Pious would be sure to offer their “preyers” as a form of backbiting just as decent people offered their real prayers. Several of them showed up on Twitter to denounce me as a fake Catholic and an ex-Catholic and so forth. Where do you think the tweets about my “relationship with the devil” and the weirdo Pepe Catholica freaks come from? I chose to be honest and real about my intensely frustrated feelings when the Lie Machine swung into action to make sure the slaughter never ends. As I said at the time, the Malignant Pious care far more about cusses than they do about the slaughter of children. Since then I have cooled off and taken the offending posts down and apologized. They were a vent, not an eternal state of soul. You can bet that the people circulating the screenshots will not accept that, because they cherish poisonous thoughts, backbiting and gossip about their culture war enemies, especially when they can dress it up as “prayer”. I highly doubt Pete will screen shot anything where I say that I took a long walk, said the Rosary, and forgave the people I swore at the other day, because that does not help his sect hate me with perfect purity. Feel free to screenshot this and let them know that I have offered my forgiveness to the people I cussed at and, in another post, asked forgiveness for my anger. Let’s see if the folks “praying” for me are happy that I am penitent or are disappointed. They will also, if experience is any guide, piously declare that I am a phony because I am here calling them out on their fake prayers and so that makes me mean and insulting. The idea that they have anything to repent is unthinkable to the Malignant Pious. I’ll be happy to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not holding my breath. Few people are more merciless than the Best Catholics of All Time in my experience.

    You gotta love Mark. He posts a truly deranged piece. He pulls it and then makes an “apology” which is largely a slam at the people he slammed in the first post. Wash, rinse and repeat endlessly: the Shea cycle. A lack of amendment in life is always a sign of fake, or meaningless, repentance.

  8. This screed should be shared with every gun dealer in Washington to assure this madman has no access to a gun. I have long not given a wit about this man, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that he may be a danger to people in his vicinity.

  9. Mark does need special prayers. We should also pray that he finds another line of work, because right now there are too many enablers propping him up and encouraging, either explicitly or implicitly, his continued downward spiral. Assuming his intentions are good and he really believes somehow he is doing the right thing despite all evidence to the contrary, it’s clear this particular calling is not for him. At least not in this day and age.

  10. And does this Catholic apologist address the fact that most of these mass shooters have rejected any form of mainline Christianity; you know look at it from a breakdown of faith perspective or is he just a one act political hack?

  11. Ken, as I said, I thought his post mocking those who say the problems have to do with our relationship to God – calling it ‘mystical mumbo jumbo’ – was about as bad as you can get. The problem with Mark is that he might apologize for the hate and f-bomb laden post above, but not for the one that suggests failure to follow politics, not God, is the problem.

  12. The only crazy with a gun I’m aware of is a certain blogger who had himself photographed pointing a pistol at the camera.

    He has crazy, angry eyes. Definitely red flag material.

    In fact, I’m convinced everything he writes is a desperate cry for help.

  13. Got it. Never been on FB and never will visit. One of my kids briefly had a FB account then got rid of it. The rest had no interest.

  14. As some have observed over recent years, it really does seem that the internet – blogging and social media specifically – has become a near occasion of sin for Mark.

    It’s not about silencing a courageous voice against gun violence or Der Trumpf or whatever. I really think it’s become deeply unhealthy for him. And that matters more than anything else, where he’s concerned. This is simply not healthy.

  15. Shea is a nasty man who has no business writing anything from a Catholic perspective.
    Given that one of the best known pictures of Shea was with a gun in his hand he has no room to talk.

  16. For those curious, the image of Shea with a gun is from his movie role, the adaption of Chesterton’s Manalive:

  17. When it comes to all the concern about Mark, remember it’s his enablers who are as much the problem. When you see Catholics, deacons, priests and others sing his praises and perhaps only disagree with him on a few minor points with much respect and admiration, there is no reason for him not to continue what he is doing. Heck, he now has a radio show for his troubles. If you reward a child for bad behavior, more bad behavior is what you will get.

  18. ….either I blocked him, or he blocked me, and I’m not sure which of us might be involved.

    Foxfier, you also have to make sure you’re checking the right facebook as Shea runs 2 of them.

    It would probably be better to check his twitter as he links to the private facebook so often you can get a good sense of it.

  19. If you need anymore proof that the pseudo orthodox Catholic media is no different from the left wing secular media when it comes to protecting their own bad apples, look no further than Mark Shea. Catholic Answers, Catholic World Report, and the National Catholic Register, to name a few, provided a platform for him to spew his bilge for several years after he clearly went off the rails.

  20. And to the best of my knowledge, when his bilge backed up into his apologetics, they all dropped him.

  21. Actually, Mark’s bilge backed up into his apologetics right away, at least as far back as 2006. Anyone, except those in the pseudo orthodox Catholic Media Complex, who disagreed with him over the waterboarding issue as well as other geopolitical matters were smeared with the most calumnious invective. And they protected him and some, like the National Catholic Register and the Catholic World Report gave him a platform to spew some of it. I had written to just about every prominent Catholic outlet that anything to do with Mark alerting them to his behavior. I got indifference at best and downright hostility at worst.

    What caused the National Catholic Register to give him his walking papers a few years back was a potty mouthed rant on his Facebook page. Even then, the Register said nothing publicly about it. Still to this day, nothing is said by these outlets about Mark’s behavior. Given that they helped enable him for all those years, they should at least acknowledge that it was wrong for them to not fraternally correct him.

    This sort of protecting bad apples is not limited to Mark. It was the Catholic World Report that ran Bishop Barron’s disgusting puff piece on Stephen Colbert. Just imagine the diarrhea diatribes that would have ensued in the Pseudo Orthodox Catholic Media Complex if the National Catholic Reporter or America Magazine had run that piece written by, say, Fr. James Martin, Essjay!

    The Mark Shea situation is symptom of a much deeper problem.

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