Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Lawrence

Let my body be turned; one side is broiled enough.

Burned alive on a griddle, the torturers of Saint Lawrence could not break his spirit or take away his sense of humor.

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  1. I’ve heard this story numerous times over my 64 years and am always amazed: where did they get that power and courage from? I know the answer – God – but the scene is beyond all human understanding. How could someone being burned alive act in such a way? Beyond comprehension – which is exactly the point. I wonder how his killers reacted in the quiet of their homes after he had died – did they look forward to their next victim or shudder that they had killed a man of God and there was no place for them to hide? Thanks Don – again – for getting us to stop and think…

  2. According to near contemporary accounts, many onlookers were persuaded by his fearlessness to become Christians. The Romans have always prized physical courage, and meeting one’s death without fear, and with humor, would have elicited admiration, even from those hostile to Christianity.

  3. Because he was martyred on a gridiron, let us honor St. Lawrence as the patron saint of American football. It is thus appropriate that we celebrate the feast day of his birth into the new life of Heaven at the time of year when high school football team practices commence and the professional pre-season games begin.

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