Shhh! Don’t Give Our Bishops Ideas!

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End Times as farce:


This week, England’s Norwich Cathedral installed a carnival slide, ostensibly to give visitors a better view of the cathedral’s impressive medieval roof bosses. Yet the Church of England has long been hemorrhaging members as it embraces secular cultural trends like the LGBT movement, and even the reverend who said the slide is “certainly not a gimmick” also admitted a desire to attract more visitors.

“It’s certainly not a gimmick. It’s fun, but it is about serious, really serious matters, in trying to get people to think about the meaning of life, to think about their place in the world,” the Rt. Rev. Jane Hodges told the BBC. Then she added, “There are a lot of people that won’t come into a cathedral because they think this is too posh, it’s not for me. We hope people will see that actually the cathedral is here for everyone.”

Go here to read the rest.  It was more honest when French Revolutionaries enthroned a trollop as the Goddess Reason in Notre Dame.

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  1. I would assume a carousal, complete with horses and a brass ring worth a million indulgences will follow shortly.

  2. Then there’s PeeWee Golf in the Rochester Cathedral.
    Rochester Cathedral’s crazy golf course sparks row
    Seems the priestess in charge and the Archbishop of Canterbury think it’s grand and fun idea, but other Anglican clergy think otherwise.
    The Right Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden, Bishop of the Anglican Episcopal Church, said: “I’m afraid I think it’s a really serious mistake, perhaps born of desperation.”
    “The idea that people are so trivial that they can be almost tricked into a search for God by entertaining them with a golf course is a serious-category error.”
    Canon Matthew Rushton, from Rochester Cathedral, said: “Cathedrals are very confident at the moment to innovate and have events like this and to tell people about our faith in Jesus which is what we’re all about.
    “The Archbishop of Canterbury said to us that if you don’t know how to have fun in cathedrals then you’re not doing your job properly.”
    The course is open until 1 September.

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