PopeWatch: Freedom of Speech

As he awaits a decision on his appeal, the persecution of Cardinal Pell proceeds apace:


The incarcerated Cardinal George Pell is facing an investigation by Australian prison authorities, after images of a letter he sent to supporters were posted on social media.

Pictures of the two-page letter were posted on Twitter Friday by the “Cardinal Pell Supporters” account. According to Australian prison regulations, inmates are not permitted to access social media, or to enjoin others to make social media posts on their behalf.

On Saturday, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice and Community Safety in the state of Victoria said the “activity” on the Cardinal Pell Supporters Twitter account would be “thoroughly investigated.”

Sources close to the supporters group told CNA that Pell had given no instructions for the letter to be posted on social media, and that the account had recently been deactivated.

“The cardinal wrote a pastoral letter to his supporters, he certainly didn’t instruct anyone to post it on Twitter,” one person close to the group told CNA.

“That decision was taken by others, and I’d hope they wouldn’t do it again.”


Go here to read the rest.  Thank God for 1776!  Investigate the activity of Cardinal Pell’s supporters on twitter?  Who do these Aussie bureaucrats think they are?  Freedom of speech must be just a meaningless phrase down under, at least if it stands in the way of good old fashioned anti-Catholic persecution.

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  1. Other than America, you can’t really name any Western-style democracies where freedom is being preserved or is actually increasing. Australia used to be everyone’s second choice if things got too hot here. No longer. Once again, America pretty much stands alone.

  2. Don’t think 1776 is salient here. Remarkably similar dispositions have appeared all over the occidental world among what Glenn Reynolds calls “the administrative class”. The phonies in charge of the ‘human rights’ NGOs pretend it isn’t happening.

  3. Phonies in our own press too, when they lament the 1st Amendment affords “white supremacists” the same protections as noble opinion “journalists.”

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