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  1. Martyn Latsis, an official of the Cheka, Lenin’s secret police, in a 1918 instruction to interrogators, wrote: “We are not waging war against individuals. We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. . . . Do not look for evidence that the accused acted in word or deed against Soviet power. The first question should be to what class does he belong. . . . It is this that should determine his fate.

    Class warfare. Guilt v. Responsibility.

    I’m just wondering aloud here.
    Trying to understand the undercurrent that is today’s socialist contagion spreading into the lifeblood of America.

    Freedom is never free…nor free goods, services or education. There is always a cost.

  2. On February 21, 1918, Lenin submitted to the cabinet the draft of a decree called “The Socialist Fatherland in Danger!” The inspiration was the German advance into Russia following the Bolshevik failure to sign the Brest Treaty. The document appealed to the people to rise in defense of the country and the Revolution. In it, Lenin inserted a clause that provided for the execution “on the spot” – that is, without trial – of a broad and undefined category of villains labeled “enemy agents, speculators, burglars, hooligans, counterrevolutionary agitators, [and] German spies.” Lenin included summary justice for ordinary criminals (“speculators, burglars, hooligans”) in order to gain support fort the decree from the population, which was sick of crime, but his true target was his political opponents, called “counterrevolutionary agitators.”

    The Left SRs criticized this measure, being opposed in principle to the death penalty for political opponents. “I objected,” Steinberg writes:

    that this cruel threat killed the whole pathos of the manifesto. Lenin replied with derision, “On the contrary, herein lies the true revolutionary pathos. Do you really believe that we can be victorious without the very cruelest revolutionary terror?”
    It was difficult to argue with Lenin on this score, and we son reached an impasse. We were discussing a harsh police measure with far-reaching terroristic potentialities. Lenin resented my opposition to it in the name of revolutionary justice. So I called out in exasperation, “Then why do we bother with a Commissariat of Justice? Let’s call it frankly the Commissariat for Social Extermination and be done with it!”
    Lenin’s face suddenly brightened and he replied, “Well put… that’s exactly what it should be…. But we can’t say that.”</em>

  3. Philip N.:
    “Trying to understand the undercurrent that is today’s socialist contagion spreading into the lifeblood of America.”

    Two words, straight from ol’ V.I. himself: “Useful Idiots.”

  4. Lenin was truly an evil man, a megalomaniac with a thirst for power exceeding Robespierre.
    Communism has a documented record of over 100 million deaths in less than 100 years. There is a line in Terminator 2, still one of the best movies ever made, when Arnie says, “It is in your nature to destroy yourselves.”. Communism is proof.
    In two days, it will be August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption. Lesser known but very important, it is the 99th anniversary of the Miracle of the Vistula. In the Polish Soviet War of 1919-20, the Red Army was advancing to Warsaw. The Polish Army counterattacked from the rear, took the initiative, and chased the Red Army halfway to Moscow.
    With a little help the Soviet dictatorship could have been destroyed. Opportunities lost.

  5. @ WK Aiken.

    Sad but true..your answer.
    Well, vodka seemed to numb the useful idiots after they became slaves to the state.

    The glut of Opioids in this country might be useful for the useful idiots here. The ones that recklessly voted for liars…like Mrs.HRC…and soon they get another crack at it. If in our lifetime we see the rise of another villain, the likes of Lenin, and the demise of the republic comes about, I won’t be sitting this one out.
    I will be standing in front of our holy Catholic priest. They will have to go through me to get to him. They might ultimately win the fight but it will not be without a fight.
    Viva Christo Rey.

  6. The photo makes me want to throw up. There is a similar one but in a forlorn black and white image from WWII on the Eastern Front showing three people: a German soldier with a rifle aimed at a woman holding a young child and he is clearly about to shoot her. Such photos helped sustain my motivation during my military career and still make my blood boil. I cry inside for the victims and wonder about the fate of the armed bullies / murderers. May TAC continue to shine the light on the dark evils of our times and may we, in turn, find the courage to stand up to those evils. God have mercy on us…

  7. @Philip N:

    Amen, brother. I have often said that should the time come when my direct resistance is necessitated, I know I’ll be on my knees. Whether I’m aiming or praying remains to be seen.

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