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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


PHILADELPHIA, PA—Speaking to a packed 30-seat arena, Bill Clinton remarked on Jeffrey Epstein’s recent passing, saying that Epstein’s cause of death “really depends on what your definition of ‘suicide’ is.”

“Did Epstein commit suicide?” asked an attendee at the event.

A wide-eyed Clinton shrugged his shoulders. “I mean, it really depends on what your definition of suicide is, heh.” 

An awkward silence ensued. Bill turned to look at Hillary for support, but she just glared at him and ran her finger across her throat, a metaphor that means “death.”

He went on, “Heh, I mean, well, we’ve got to define terms here, alright? If you mean, ‘Did he hang himself without any outside assistance?’ then I’d say that does not fall under the definition of what may or may not have occurred.”

Hillary held up a pair of finger guns to her husband’s head in a threatening fashion, another metaphor that means “death.”

Bill gulped. “But, well, heh, if you mean did he hang himself and then shoot himself three times in the back of the head just to be sure? Then yeah, I’d say he committed suicide.”


Go here to read the rest.  The Epstein autopsy has been called by the New York medical examiner in charge as inconclusive as to cause of death.  Guards falsified logs to show they had checked on Epstein, but they hadn’t checked on him because they “fell asleep.”    Epstein was six feet in height, but supposedly he committed suicide by hanging himself from his bunk with a bedsheet and “kneeling toward the floor”, whatever that means.  Nothing to see here.  Move on.

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  1. All mankind are brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our brother. Jesus Christ did not marry because the marriage with a sister is incest.
    Why then is sexual abuse of a minor child a sin and a crime? The sovereign person who commits sexual abuse or sex trafficking violates his relationship with “their Creator”, God, the Father by injuring one of his sisters and one of God’s children, a sister of Jesus Christ.
    All citizens are constituents of the president. Monica Lewinsky is or was a constituent of the president, who, at the time was Bill Clinton. As Monica Lewinsky’s president, Bill Clinton was responsible for her well being and all constituents’ well being. How did President Bill Clinton advance the good of all of his constituents, the people of the U.S., Monica Lewinsky included?
    It is incumbent for all sovereign persons to seek the good of the other. Was Monica Lewinsky’s consent to Bill Clinton or to the President of the United States? Was it an affair with a man or with a president? King David with Bathsheba ought to know about official power.
    In all of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking, a violation of the sovereign persons who are children of God and sisters of Jesus Christ, Jeffrey Epstein forfeit his sovereign personhood. Jeffrey Epstein literally excommunicated himself from his own sovereign personhood. Self gratification does not advance the good of the other, even when mutual. The practice of sodomy is a good example. Love desires the good of the other, that is, heaven.
    There were two cases in New Jersey; a forty-four year old man raped an eleven year old victim. His defense which the judge bought was that she wanted it, meaning sex. The plea was being adopted throughout the state, one in Somerset County and one in Newark. As a citizen he ought to have given her food, shelter and an education or adopted and raised her as his own. Scallywags being released to prey upon the unknowledgeable.
    We, the people, have the perfect Justice of the Supreme Sovereign Being.

  2. On the definition of Justice
    Why does the Pope Francis believe that all criminal homicide in the first degree is repented of and rehabilitated of by the criminals?
    The killers are free to enjoy their crimes in jail and plot new crimes against society, the warden, the guards, the contractors, doctors and the nurses in the prison. Unrepentant murderers will not go to heaven. Further unrepentant murderers pose a double jeopardy of life for all citizens. Jeopardy of life was inflicted by the first murder.
    Why do the people assume that the incarcerated murderers are rehabilitated or repentant of their homicides? Why do the people not account for the murderers enjoying and reliving their crimes against humanity. Why does naïve society believe that incarceration prevents the murderers from plotting new murders from their jail cells?

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