PopeWatch: Hong Kong



PopeWatch has done the arduous work of compiling all the statements of Pope Francis on the Hong Kong protests:


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  1. But the protesters are waving American flags. And to Pope Francis, that’s practically as bad as if they were chanting the Creed in Latin.

  2. Could you imagine if they were anti-Trump protestors in America? Instead, they are protesting the best example of Catholic social justice on earth, so what do you want him to say other than possibly condemning them.

  3. If only the Hong Kong protesters were protesting against abuses to mother earth, and global warming.. seeing how it’s totalitarian communism masquerading as a free nation.., eh-

  4. The quid pro quo for the Vatican-China deal was a future invitation to Bergoglio to visit China and make history by going where no Pope had gone before. Bergoglio doesn’t want to put that in jeopardy. There won’t be a peep out of him even if China nukes Hong Kong.

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