Broken Neck Bones Open Thread

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  1. All I know about Bill and Hill is good, utter goodness, so much so I heartily agree with Jorge Bergoglio’s intent to relax the rules so that living persons, non-Catholics, can be beatified and canonized. And I have no documents or flash drives with anything on them other than good goodness about soon-to-be Sts. Hill and Bill. Finally, to quote Sgt. Shultz, I know nothing! And no one survived that tragic palne crash that Ron Brown died in. Guy, Texas

  2. Supposedly the autopsy is being conducted by a pathologist in Albany who works for the state government. I think we can wait a couple of days to see what she’s willing to put her signature to, rather than pay attention to rumors published in the Bezos Birdcage Liner.

  3. Well….if the pathologist values her life her verdict will have to be death by suicide even if he shot himself three times in the back of the head and then hanged himself.

  4. We need to do more to stop all these senseless deaths by unlicensed bed sheets. Bed Sheets violence is an epidemic that is a scourge from our prison systems to bedroom communities in West Hollywood, California.

  5. Tito…
    It’s not just the bedsheets, however they have been taking it hard in the media.
    It’s the pillowcases too.
    Suffocation and strangulation.
    In 1978 it was window shades and rightfully so.
    In 1998 it was ottomans.
    The ottoman empire debacle forced love seats to be removed from every cell room across the country.

    Now the bedsheets and pillowcases.
    When will it end?

  6. Just read from the Washington Examiner online: New York Medical Examiner’s verdict is that Epstein’s death is a suicide. That’s too bad. Suicide is a sin, so Epstein is barred from heaven. How long will he stay in Purgatory, if that’s an option?

  7. Epstein is having fun in Argentina with friends who have been there since 1944.Soon we will start receiving reports from people who have seen him in far away islands. .

  8. In other news, Epstein cremated himself.

    A bit off, off topic. Bill looks better in that blue dress than Hilary ever did.


    My mistake. The pathologist in question is employed by the NYC government. She’s ruled it a suicide.

    If we were collectively serious about building a civil service, recruitment and promotion would be per competitive examinations, not pro forma examinations written by officious appellate judges. And three people in a chain-of-command could terminate an employee at their discretion, limited only by post-termination administrative hearings where the dismissed employee could present evidence he was canned for one of a half-dozen impermissible reasons (e.g. whistle-blowing), contentions he would have to prove. Collective bargaining would be unknown and unions would be voluntary associations whose work would be limited to providing insurance, annuities, and the service of labor lawyers. And in such a regime, the guards on shift and the jail warden would already have hit the bricks.

  10. I look at Hillary in that terrible photograph and remind myself in charity not to judge a book by its cover. True enough but I don’t have to buy the book.

  11. I look at Hillary in that terrible photograph and remind myself in charity not to judge a book by its cover.

    Recall Mortimer Adler’s rejoinder: “OK, but the cover is what the publisher wants you to see…first”

  12. Art, Thank you for “Recall Mortimer Adler’s rejoinder: “OK, but the cover is what the publisher wants you to see…first”. Perhaps that was the best she looked all day. Clare Booth Luce reminds me of my pretty wife of sixty-three years. Her sanguine personality has habituated her face to smiling. She is as pretty has ever.

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