Hong Kong Protests Continue

The Hong Kong protests continue and are getting larger.  Yesterday the protest drew 1.7 million people in a pelting rain.  Michael Yon, war journalist in Hong Kong, said this in an email to Instapundit:



Yesterday’s protest was massive. I have not even slept yet. Estimated 1.7m people. Crowds are notoriously difficult to estimate, but I will confirm it was absolutely massive, stretching for miles in pouring rain. Massive.

Hong Kong is China’s brain tumor. Do nothing…tumor grows. Operate…the procedure could kill the communist party.

This is very serious, Gentlemen. Do not underestimate what is happening here.

I won’t.

Go here to read the comments.  Crush this rebellion militarily, because that is what we are talking about, and the Chinese government kills the golden goose.  Allow it to continue and, inevitably the pro-Democracy movement spreads to the mainland.  The calendar says 2019 but for China it reads 1989, and perhaps, just perhaps, this time the Good Guys win.



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  1. I was there in 1953. It was the strangest place–the old and the new together, the poor and the builders. It was a myriad of skyscrapers, custom tailored cashmere sport coats for less than $20, while Junk boat people fought over the garbage our aircraft carrier dumped over the side.

  2. Hong Kong is an affluent area, as is Macao, but there is ample productive capacity in China proper. You injure yourself suppressing this militarily, but you’re not going to kill any golden goose. I’d like to think this will end well – and end well means what palaeotrash refer to derisively as a ‘color revolution’, where you have protests all over the country and the ruling elite abdicates – but it’s hard to be hopeful. China is a very worrisome place.

  3. Things rarely go south for the Dragon, but when they do they go south big time. The revolt against the last emperor (beginning 1912) left active warlords in parts of China through the start of WWII..

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