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An interesting look at 1957, the year of my birth.  We are now as far in time from 1957 as 1957 was from the year 1895.  1957 will be always associated in  my mind with this Statler Brothers song played endlessly on the radio in the mid-Seventies in my home town on WPRS, (World’s Poorest Radio Station, as we irreverent teens designated it.)


Members of the class of 57 would be 80 this year.

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  1. In the 80s, unlike most kids my age who were into the big haired metal bands that were all the rage back then, I was into bands from the 50s and the 60s. And Buddy Holly was among my favorites. Still is, as a matter of fact.

  2. Gloria Estefan was born in 1957.
    The forever-iconic 1957 Chevrolet with its giant tail find is as popular as ever with collectors.
    The Milwaukee Braves beat the New York Yankees in the World Series. The Detroit Lions won their fourth and last NFL championship.
    My dad was in the middle of a four year Navy enlistment and my mom was entering her senior year of high school. Later, my dad had a 1957 Ford Fairlane.

    By now, all of the members of the doo-wop bands of that time have likely left this world.

  3. Roy Rogers, Bob Hope, Lawrence Welk, Sunday School, Patrol Lines to and from school, picnics, 21 cent bread, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, neighborhoods, no leash laws, no traffic problems, good Disney movies, sharing cartoon books, five and tens, sewing, knitting, model planes, and board games.

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