PopeWatch: Populism-Some Animals are More Equal Than Others

For Pope Francis left wing populism is good and right wing populism is bad:


“The Emergence of Popular Movements: Rerum Novarum of our time” is the title of a new book published in Spanish by the Vatican Publishing House (LEV) and prepared by the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

The book explores the series of World Meetings held in the Americas since 2014, attended by thousands of representatives of popular movements.

In his preface, Pope Francis said people who live in the existential peripheries of society are not merely a sector of the population that must be reached by the Church. Rather, they are “a sprout that, like a mustard seed, will bear much fruit”. The Pope called popular movements that represent these people “a lever for profound social transformation”.

People on the peripheries, he said, are not passive recipients of social assistance but active protagonists of their own futures.

“Popular movements,” said the Pope, “represent an important social alternative, a cry from the depths, a sign of contradiction, and a hope that ‘anything can change’.”

He added that their way of resisting the “tyranny of money” through toil and suffering shows that popular movements are “sentinels” of a better future.

Pope Francis went on to say humanity is facing an epochal change characterized by fear, xenophobia, and racism.

Popular movements can counteract that tendency, he said, because they are “a source of moral energy to revitalize our democracies.”

“The antidote to populism and political showmanship lies in the efforts of organized citizens,” said the Pope, adding that they promote the experience of the “we” over the cult of the self.

Go here to read the rest.  We have a Pope with a Marxism for Dummies view of the world.  Heckuva job Conclave of 2013, heckuva job.

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  1. Popular movements,” said the Pope, “represent an important social alternative, a cry from the depths, a sign of contradiction, and a hope that ‘anything can change’.”


    • From bad to worse in the case of his old neighbors…Venezuela.

    • pastorial discretion and trust your own conscience regarding communion for same sex couples/ divorced couples cohabiting.

    I guess he’s right.

    China and it’s faithful Catholics are praying for change.


    Everything? ( stay tuned )

  2. When he’s not spouting heresy, he generally makes no sense at all. Reading his quotes I still don’t know what he’s saying. To the extant it makes any sense it would apply to a typical Trump supporter. I mean, the “cult of self” is literally every single person on the Left.

  3. Yes Ernst – I think the answer to the old joke question “is the pope Catholic?” Is No.
    The Pope is secular.
    The last quote I the article: “Finally, Pope Francis called for a “new humanism” to overcome the lack of compassion and care for the common good which has become so prevalent in our day.”

  4. Has Pope Francis said anything about China and Hong Kong recently? I don’t know if he has or not. I haven’t found anything, but I could just be missing it.

  5. The Pope isn’t obligated to say much about any ongoing situation. For the most part, his utterances should be spare and be an exercise in his teaching authority. The trouble is, the Pope’s utterances are not spare, most of what he has to say about faith and morals is embarrassing, and his jabbering about secular affairs is a toxic brew of identikit NGO functionary with Peronist additives.

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