The next time some Catholic Leftist tries to tell you there is no difference between the parties on abortion, look the Leftist straight in the eyes and call the Leftist a liar, and you may put any adjective before the word liar that you wish:


Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion vendor, announced today it has officially dropped out of the Title X program and will forgo nearly $60 million in taxpayer funding rather than comply with a Trump administration rule requiring that it separate its abortions from the rest of its operations.

President Donald Trump’s Protect Life Rule requires recipients of Title X federal family planning money to be physically and financially separate from abortion operations and prevents them from referring for abortions. The rule still “permits, but does not require, nondirective counseling on abortion by doctors or advanced practice providers,” according to a fact sheet from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

“Today, we are announcing that due to an unethical and dangerous gag rule, the Trump administration has forced Planned Parenthood grantees out of Title X — the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive health care,” Planned Parenthood acting president Alexis McGill Johnson said in a media call today. “Our affiliate grantees will be submitting letters saying as much to HHS today.”

Go here to read the rest.  I was very reluctant to support Trump in 2016 and I did so in September of that year solely due to his pro-life pledge.  I will vote enthusiastically for him in 2020, and I don’t think I am alone in that sentiment.

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  1. I see St. Boniface taking the axe to the “sacred” tree. Yes Trump….axe that sacred establishment. Axe it and burn it’s roots.

  2. Bingo David! And he’s known as the Racist in Chief yet he does this. God is acting through this man. He has worked through sinful men throughout history in order to accomplish his will. It is no different with this president, warts and all.

  3. Agreed Foxfier.

    They are deceivers

    From Rich Lowery;

    “The 3 percent figure is an artifice and a dodge, but even taking it on its own terms, it’s not much of a defense…”

    “The 3 percent figure is derived by counting abortion as just another service like much less consequential services.”

    “So abortion is considered a service no different than a pregnancy test (1.1 million), even though a box with two pregnancy tests can be procured from the local drugstore for less than $10.”

    “By Planned Parenthood’s math, a woman who gets an abortion but also a pregnancy test, an STD test and some contraceptives has received four services, and only 25 percent of them are abortion. This is a little like performing an abortion and giving a woman an aspirin, and saying only half of what you do is abortion.

    You bet they used those tax dollars for killing people.
    Small defenseless children.

  4. The three times married NYC billionaire real estate developer and celebrity has more backbone than almost all other so called pro life elected Republicans.

  5. On our local TV news station (ABC), a big segment was given to the unfortunate effect of this withdrawal on the local Planned Parenthood site (N.E. PA) which has been in operation for 80 years. No mention of abortion or the reason that Planned Parenthood withdrew from Title IX…What can we do about the biased coverage of the media? That’s what’s responsible to a major degree for the prevalence of abortion, the lack of a public horror at the killing of lives.
    Why is there no horror at the millions of black lives lost through abortion, the hundreds weekly due to black-on-black gang violence, and yet the gun control advocates pounce on the lesser fatalities by the mentally deranged (and they don’t talk about solutions for that problem).

  6. That is great news! Don – I was like you. I couldn’t vote for Clinton but was thinking of not voting because of Trump’s behavior. I changed my mind after several pro-life leaders attended a meeting with Trump and then said they believed his promises to be pro-life. So I voted for him and I was in a state where my vote counted and made a difference (North Carolina). He’s stood by his pledges and I will also vote for him again and actively support him. Why? We are one presidency away from some of this being undone (thankfully – I hope – that isn’t the case for the Supreme Court; still not sure how the new judges will work out). I sense ORDINARY CATHOLIC is correct: God is sovereign and will work His will out in his story (history) even by using flawed instruments. But then, aren’t we all flawed instruments? May God use for His glory all those who visit and support TAC.

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