PopeWatch: Australian Justice Loses Appeal

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Incredibly the conviction of Cardinal Pell has been affirmed on appeal by a 2-1 vote.  The dissent of Justice Mark Weinberg, a former prosecutor, says it all about this farce:

One of the three Court of Appeal judges who heard George Pell’s appeal believes there is a “significant possibility” the cardinal did not commit the child sex crimes he’s in jail for and would have acquitted him.

Justice Mark Weinberg said he was not convinced by the victim’s evidence and could not exclude the possibility that some parts of the former choirboy’s testimony were “concocted”.

“From … the complainant’s evidence, it can be seen that there was ample material upon which his account could be legitimately subject to criticism. There were inconsistencies, and discrepancies, and a number of his answers simply made no sense,” Justice Weinberg wrote in his judgment released on Wednesday.

“An unusual feature of this case was that it depended entirely upon the complainant being accepted, beyond reasonable doubt, as a credible and reliable witness. Yet the jury were invited to accept his evidence without there being any independent support for it.”

Go here to read the rest.  A bad day for Cardinal Pell.  An appalling day for Justice in the Australian State of Victoria.


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  1. I think of the scene in “A Man for All Seasons,” where St Thomas Moore is more concerned with the damage done to Richard Rich’s soul than to his own neck. I’m not there yet. I pray that Cardinal Pell is and that I get to that point some day.

  2. This perfectly sums up the affect of the liberal mental illness. Anyone who dares to voice support for the truth, oppose corruption & recommend repentance/correction will be scourged. Pray our Lord will provide enduring peace of mind for the time remaining for this poor soul. So so sad.

  3. Cardinal Pell got too close to the Vatican money launderers. Too good at his work, very thorough. But the Vatican plays for keeps and so this farce was set in motion. Follow the money, always follow the money.

  4. “…the people’s cohesion is essential,” taken from TAC’s Ungrateful Anti-Communist Wretches.

    It fits here, imo. The liberal brainwashing has succeeded and that – – – – – – n jury just proved how essential the group think is in order to hang an innocent man.

    Despicable outcome.

    God help Cardinal Pell during his incarceration. May Jesus, unjustly put in prison Holy Thursday evening, comfort and encourage Pell to do the impossible…pray for those liars who are crippling his good name.

  5. As much as I want to joke my way past the graveyard (not sayin’ Pell was railroaded, but I understand the two justices who voted to uphold the conviction go by the nicknames “Burlington” and “Santa Fe”) I think there’s something deeper going on here, and that something is the bitter fruit of the culture of corruption within the institutional Church –particularly regarding the sex abuse/predation scandal.

    Somebody has got to pay for the worldwide culture of abuse and cover-up. Australians have found their scapegoat in Cardinal Pell.

    Our consolation, and the Cardinal’s too, is that graces come from suffering for the sake of righteousness.

    Cardinal Pell, pray for us.

  6. I would not be surprised if in a few years, to late to do the Cardinal any good, someone will make a public boast about how they railroaded him. ( I would prefer if it was a Mea Culpa and plea for forgiveness.)

    A safer prediction, with in a century, the Church will celebrate the feast of St George Pell, Bishop and Confessor.

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