Reality has been Laying Down on the Job Lately

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


WORLD—Reality has come under fire for not more clearly distinguishing itself from satire.

Fact-checkers and fake news watchdogs have called on reality to label itself after real news stories insisted on sounding like satire.

Experts proposed forcing real news stories to include labels like [REAL NEWS] in the headline. They could also include parentheticals throughout that read things like “(Just as a reminder, this actually happened and is not satire).” Then, the article could conclude with a notice saying, “What you just read was an actual thing that actually happened.”

“The problem with all these real news sites is they’re reporting things that would have been satirical just six months ago,” said a representative for one popular joke-checking website. “It makes it really hard for satire sites to do their job effectively when all this reality is out there muddying the details of satire.”

The site flagged several public figures and entities as particularly problematic:

  • Donald Trump
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Anyone who writes for
  • San Francisco
  • The Democratic Socialists of America
  • Those crazy televangelists who worship Donald Trump
  • Prosperity gospel preachers
  • People who think it’s OK for kids to dance for money in bars

Go here to read the rest.  The late, great science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, in his Future History, did designate these years as The Crazy Years.  He should have said The Crazy, and Deeply Stupid, Years.  An example of how Reality is simply holding up its hands to Satire:


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  1. Here’s how crazy the world has gotten: with a little help from Photoshop (crazy uncle Joe reading a a newspaper) the Bee could turn that “we choose truth over facts” gaffe into the ultimate celebrity endorsement.

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