Trump Train

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  1. We’re going to win more…

    Question: when the liberals (crazy progressives actually) cry again in 2020, what lie/hoax/calumny will top every Trump voter whether they’re black, white or brown is a white supremacist?
    Ah, who cares…

  2. Don’t get cocky people. It’s a long way to Nov of next year and we don’t need to make the mistake Hilary’s people did last time. Probably the most effective work we can all do is pushing back against the lies spoken in our midst about him every day. (Which I admit I need to do more.)

  3. Cockiness never; willing to slug it out always. His willingness to go toe to toe with the Democrats is the main attraction for Republicans, aside from policy, with Trump. Republicans, at least most of them, are sick of capitulation artists.

  4. raises a drink Here here, Don. By far the most exhausting thing is the kafka trap they’re driving people into. Where they’ll toss out a dozen lies, and as you get to work debunking them the reply comes back, “Why do you have to defend everything he does?” Trump has certainly taught me how witch hunts run wild.

    @Foxfier – the funny part is that after all the screaming about Russia, you’d think this would be the time we could get bipartisan vote security going in this country, eh? 😉

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