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  1. Wow Quote!

    It’s the leftist take-over of education. It’s not their faults that they’re vicious idiots. There are generations of American “students” that were corrupted with so-called American Studies classes that solely taught lies, PC (universal deceit) victim groups – black slaves, women, native Americans, et al, lies, trashing uber-evil America, and more lies.

    Make no mistake, when they attack Trump they attack 65 million Americans and evil, unjust America in toto.

    They couldn’t get Trump and take down America with the collision delusion. They jumped on this hate factory.

    So, they’re opening a Pandora’s Box of hate.

  2. “It was perfectly so framed as to give no claim, no sanction to the claim, of property in man.” FD

    In the rights of the tiny man or woman, what claim or sanction has one to forcibly take a life? Other than bad law, there isn’t any. Tiny man or woman is an individual waiting to breathe the air of freedom, not unlike the enslaved negro of Fredrick Douglass’ time.

    R v W is nothing more than a sanction to kill another.

    God help the unborn.

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