Monopoly Socialism

Hasbro has come out with a Socialist variant of Monopoly which describes, accurately, the organized theft that is Socialism.  Regrettably there are no man made famines, gulags, the crushing of religion, and the other features of any Socialist regime worthy of the name.  Leftists are predictably up in arms. 

Copies are rapidly becoming collector’s items.  It originally retailed in 2018 for $25.00 and now is going for $100-$250.00.  Hold off for the reprint, as prices will inevitably tumble as supply meets demand, a feature of Capitalism.



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  1. I assume there will be those “Get out of the gulag free” cards, a “caught in worship–go back 10 places” card, as well as a “you passed the maximum wealth limit–turn in your passport and worker’s permit.” Maybe, thinking positively, there will also be a “Turn in your neighbor or relative, and get a free one-room apartment” card as well?

  2. Wait, why do I have to pay for this?


    Dang, I should have got a copy for my friend’s christmas present.

  3. Friends and I once decided to play with these rules: anything you can get away with, you can get away with; anything you can steal is yours; any contract you make is not binding. Within a few turns, there was almost no money in the bank; all the property deeds were in palyers’ hands – mostly the [corrupt] banker; and the dice were missing. Hotels and houses had sprung up over nite;, and some of the players pieces were just gone [Arkansas?]. The game was short. Sound familia?r: he or she who cheats the most and ingores the rules [or morality] the most, wins ? I guess that is a qualified ‘wins,” espceially if God exists and the Bergolgian Heresy is in error – i.e. there is a Hell and it lasts a long long time. Guy McClung, Texas

  4. Someone needs to come out with a game called Politics. Maybe they already have. The two political parties would be called: Bad Guys and Good Guys. The game would feature lots of defamation, detraction, calumny, etc. and every other sort of nefarious political action. Should be a hot seller every 4 years.

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