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The hornet’s nest raised by the attempt of Pope Francis to transform the JPII Institute into a mouthpiece for contemporary Leftism continues to increase, per Sandro Magister:


The point of no return was marked on August 1 by the meeting between Benedict XVI and Livio Melina, made pblic four days later by Catholic News Agency and ACI Stampa, complete with an official photo and with these words calibrated one by one at the residence of the pope emeritus:

“[Benedict XVI] wanted to receive Prof. Mons. Livio Melina at a private audience. After a long discussion of the recent events at the Pontifical Institute John Paul II, he granted his blessing, expressing his personal solidarity and assuring him of his closeness in prayer.”

From that day forward, the expulsion from the institute of a few of the most representative professors, starting with former dean Melina, and the abolition of some  of the most emblematic chairs, “in primis” that of fundamental moral theology, have not struck only the purged professors, but also the pope who committed himself most to supporting the Institute founded by his predecessor, meaning precisely those avenues of study on marriage and family that are now subjected to destruction out of deference to the new course of the current pontificate, from “Amoris Laetitia” on.

Ever since Benedict XVI openly took to the field, in fact, it is unlikely that the makeover of the Institute set in motion this summer by its Grand Chancellor, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, and moreover by Pope Francis himself, will get up to speed in painless fashion.

Because those now protesting – as taken for granted – are not only some of the purged professors. Not only some of the students. To these protests the current officials of the Institute thought it was sufficient to reply with a press release on July 29.

Now rising up are dozens of scholars on all continents, among the most talented and respected, as proven by the letter-appeal to Archbishop Paglia and to the current dean of the Institute, PierAngelo Sequeri, made public on August 6 and reproduced here below.

What unites the signatories is an editorial initiative produced by the Institute before the present-day destruction: an imposing “Dictionary on sex, love, and fecundity,” published in Italy in 2019 by Cantagalli and curated by none other than one of the purged professors, José Noriega.

The signatories of the letter-appeal all contributed to the composition of the dictionary, in the entries of their respective expertise. And in scanning their names there also appear personalities that until now had not come out into the open among the critics of this pontificate.

There is, for example, Francesco Botturi, former ordinary professor of moral philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan.

There is the Jesuit Kevin L. Flannery, ordinary professor of the history of ancient philosophy at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

There is Carlos Granados,  a biblicist at Saint Damasus University in Madrid, former director of the Library of Christian Authors.

There is Harvey C. Mansfield, ordinary professor of political philosophy at Harvard University.

There is  John C. McCarthy, dean of the School of Philosophy at the University of America in Washington, D.C.

There is Jean-Charles Nault, abbott of the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Wandrille, France.

There is Paolo Ricca, a Waldensian theologian and one of the most illustrious, professor emeritus of the Waldensian Faculty of Theology in Rome.

There is Giovanna Rossi, former ordinary professor of the sociology of the family at the Catholic University of Milan.

There is Tracy Rowland, an ordinary professor of theology at Notre Dame University, Australia, and a member of the International Theological Commission.

There is Eugenia Scabini, professor emeritus of social psychology and president of the Center of Studies and Research on the Family at the Catholic University of Milan.

There is Carlos Alberto Scarpone, a professor of fundamental ethical philosophy and of fundamental moral theology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires.

But it is the whole list of signatories that raises interest. And this is their open letter to the current managers of the Institute that continues to bear the name of John Paul II.

Go here to read the rest.  The prediction of Pope Francis that he may be remembered as the Pope who presided over a great schism in the Church is looking more and more like prophesy.

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  1. Benedict should be living in a flat over his cousin’s garage in Australia. He’s not safe where he is.

  2. When the world turns upside down, as it has, one always can rush into the arms of God’s Church for protection, But now, one only finds more of the same chaos there…except for the tabernacle and the unchangeable doctrine…which is more than sufficient in order to survive. I believe that we are in the remnant formation stage of church history.

  3. The Freemasons have strived to have their representative in Peter’s Chair and by Gollum they just might have done it.

    Conclave or collusion.

  4. Like he’d be safe in Australia.

    He’d be (1) with his relatives and (2) not under the physical control of Vatican officialdom. The Australian courts behave unjustly. You think other courts in the occidental world are any better?

  5. You think other courts in the occidental world are any better?

    Ours certainly are Art, based upon the Pell case. Pope Benedict would be a tempting target for an Aussie prosecutor wanting to ride to fame on the wave of anti-Catholic hysteria running wild in that country.

  6. Kangaroo courts are endemic to Australia. George Cardinal Pell was tried and found not guilty of this crime earlier. Being retried for the same crime is double jeopardy. With only one witness against him, there is no court in the world that can accept one witness as credible testimony. Two witnesses establish a judicial fact.
    Joey is jumping all over the place.

  7. One witness, whose story is so preposterous that it must be true!

    It’s the newly invented “ring of truth” standard. Fr. Raymond J. De Souza wrote about it in the current print edition of the Register.

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