Biden: I’m Not Going Nuts!

Care to put that to a vote Joe?

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  1. All they have to do is come up with someone that isn’t a nut; and they can’t.

    Don’t get cocky. They’re registering voters in Popeye’s fast food lines and are upping the cemetery rolls.

  2. He’s clear as mud. Befuddledly clear.
    Democrat clarity is a trademark and uncle Joe is proudly dragging the banner as he goes. What a card.

  3. In certain respects, he’s always been a person of overwhelming ordinariness. Michael Kinsley once said that in official Washington, a man’s reputation expands – like a gas – to fill whatever position he occupies. So, you have “Senator John Kerry”, who is actually a rank-and-file Boston lawyer of no great talent. You have “Vice President Joseph Biden”, who is actually a real estate agent manque from suburban Philadelphia. (The difference, of course, being that few real estate agents are so bent that they’d retail Neil Kinnock’s biography as their own and few rank-and-file Boston lawyers have a talent for sniffing out women with eight and nine figure sums of money behind them).

    So, he’s a person of ordinary talents seeking a position which requires better than that and he’s suffering the usual unhappy things which you meet with as you age. Being a person of ordinary talents, he did not have a large cushion of acuity to lose.

    Again, compare how Biden has been treated by the media with how Dan Quayle was treated. These people have no integrity at all.

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