News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

ATLANTA, GA—CNN has apologized to Stalin and Mao after a guest compared the brutal dictators to Donald Trump.

“I am so sorry to all of Stalin and Mao’s brave supporters,” said Brian Stelter in an on-air apology Tuesday morning. “We never meant to associate these great men with Donald Trump. We did not intend to disparage communism in that way.”

“Sometimes, you really need to make the point that Trump is a totalitarian tyrant,” said Stelter. “But dragging Stalin and Mao’s names through the mud in the process is not the right way to go about that. There are good ways to criticize the president and bad ways, and we’re sorry for the way this one came across.”

The CNN host committed to only comparing Trump to Hitler, Genghis Khan, and serial killers like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer going forward.

Go here to read the rest.  I understand the shade of Walter Duranty, in the vast journalist pit of Hell, was already outraged against CNN as a result of the Russia bashing that went on during their telling of the Trump-Russia collusion fable.  CNN’ s ratings are too small to overlook that large part of their current audience who still are in mourning for the old Soviet Union.   Although I must say that if viewed as a comedy rather than news, CNN does have its moments, as the video at the beginning of this post demonstrates.


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  1. CNN-who?

    To be fair, Barack Hussein Obama spent eight years covertly apologizing (with appeasement and weakness) to Islam for America being so evil as to force 19 devout young Muslim men to fly jumbo jets into big buildings in racist, unjust America.

    “People who are mentally deranged when their party is out of power are mentally deranged.” Glenn Reynolds

  2. What about besmirching Hitler’s legacy and denigrating all the good done by the National Socialists? Comparing Lucifer and Satan to DT truly demeans them and all devils and demons.

    However, it is true that today we do things the National Socialists – in al their evil – did not even dream of the consummate evil practiced every day in America. Yes, they made lampsahdes out of human skin, and soap out of human fat, and used human hair for submariners’ socks and delicate parts of bomb fuses, but they never sold Jewish brains from still-living Jews or still-beating hearts taken from whimpering babies.

    Guy McClung, Texas

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