Child Sacrifice – Cultura del Muerte

Recently archaeologists in Peru have discovered what is believed to be history’s largest known single mass child sacrifice site, with the remains of 227 victims unearthed so far. Imagine researchers working some  centuries from now who discover the sites of present day abortion businesses.



WFP  News Services –    Fifth Lunar Period,  Year 2339


World City Central  (WFP) – Archeologists in the southern part of the  middle continent, in what some centuries ago was known as the city of “San Antonio,” say they have found 666  bodies, some tiny,  some more developed.  The site was used by a  society which researchers have named  the “Planear Paternidad Cultura del Muerte.” Researchers have been digging since last year at the huge sacrificial site, once in a semi-tropical tourist city. “Other sies have been found in the area, but no bigger site has ever been discovered,” head archeologist Castoria Frontono told WFP.

Blood Goddess, Sangrienta Sangeria

Frontono said researchers now surmise that the children, many of them as young as one, some older, some young teenagers, were killed in a ritual to honor the culture’s goddess of self worship. Based on what is now known, and what they have discovered about the bloody rituals, researchers have  named this goddess, “Sangrienta  Sangeria.”

“We have found images of this same or a similar goddess on several continents. These babies and children, many of two similar races, were sacrificed to appease this goddess of child death, and the bodies  show signs of the ritual  killings during all seasons, year round,” he said.

He added that they expect to  find more. “It’s unbelievable, this killing of the babies and the children, especially in view of our universal valuing of all children now, born and unborn. Wherever you go, wherever we search, at every dig, there’s more, and more,” Frontono said.

The babies’ and the children’s remains were found in in no uniform position.  Some still had skin and hair. Many of them, perhaps accidentally mummified by chemicals used in the killings, had organs missing, including brains and hearts. The majority had limbs missing. “Perhaps the severing of limbs was part of the ritual,” said Frontono.

Dig Site, Corpus Christi

Archeologists first found children’s bodies at a dig site in another town south of the present site, beginning in the year 2328. At this first site,  556 skeletons were found when the excavation began.

“We call that the ‘Morgana Dig’ because we found a panel there with the inscription  ‘Morgan St’ on it.,” said Frontono. “Later we found another435 bodies there, all ages. Just like the San Antonio site, many of the dead werre young girls who werer themselves pregnant.  Since that initial work, we have found three more sites there where child sacrifice took place. This town was known as ‘Corpus Christi,’ which means in an ancient language, ‘Body of Christ. ” This “Christ,’  it is now believed, is the same ‘Jesus Christ’ still worshipped by billions here, on the Moon, and on Mars. today.”

Worldwide Religion of Death

He added, “Full disclosure, I too have come to believe in Jesus. That does not change my findings, or influence my research. As a matter of fact, it is some consolation to think in terms of an all-loving, all-knowing deity rather than the now-debunked alleged ‘scientific realism’ of so many ancient scientists those centuries ago. I do not understand why they could not accept what their own science and research taught them. They ignored great scientists like Schroedinger, Heisenberg, and Planck,  and they simmply could not accept the truth of the scientific facts that contradicted their views, including the results of the  ‘Double Slit” experiments. “

The  Cultura del Muerte extended over the entire mid continent and to other locations around the world. It disappeared due to its own freely chosen ‘demographic death.’ The number of its adherents dwindled annually and then they totally died out by 2102. Apparently insufficient children were born to the  cult members to  perpetuate its beliefs, especially with the large number of their own  children sacrificed as part of their religion.

“I guess,” said Frontono,”it is no surprise that this culture of death is no more and a culture of life has survived all these centuries.”

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  1. I am unsure what you have written, Guy: science fiction or prophecy? The real question is, however, this: will the good Lord tarry that long? He won’t indefinitely delay his mercy for the pre-born (which means His justice on the rest of us).

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