Lies, Damn Lies and Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a fantasist of the first order.  A fantasist is the worst type of liar as he tends to believe his lies after a time:


Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday defended the “central point” of a war story he told on the campaign trail last week as “absolutely accurate” after a report exposed a slew of incorrect details.

According to the Washington Post, Biden appeared to have “jumbled elements of at least three actual events into one story of bravery, compassion and regret that never happened” during a campaign stop in Hanover, New Hampshire, last Friday. He told the crowd about a Navy captain in Afghanistan who climbed down a ravine under fire to rescue a fellow service member who had been shot, later attempting to refuse a medal from the vice president because the man had died.

The Washington Post report — based on interviews with more than a dozen troops, commanders, and Biden campaign officials — traced the details of Biden’s recounting to three different tales of bravery. While Biden had awarded a medal to a brave soldier, it wasn’t the medal he said it was, the soldier didn’t do what Biden recounted, and the incident didn’t occur where Biden said it had.

Go here to read the rest.  Biden has an active fantasy life akin to the fictional Walter Mitty.  In that fantasy world Biden is a always brave and wise.  He is like the guy down at the VFW who is always shooting his mouth off about his war stories and who the other veterans know spent the war stateside.  Such bores are either amusing or pathetic, depending upon how they are viewed.  They are essentially harmless, but unlike Biden they aren’t running for the highest office in the land.




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  1. Biden’s political career was made in his ability to spin a yarn. Now, as the light fades, he longs to spin a good yarn, but his strong suit has become his weakness.

  2. Coupla thoughts here: Now we know what he meant by choosing truth over facts. Joe Biden is a senile old man who can’t keep his facts straight any more.

    Which leads to a third thought: The same media willing to indulge in speculation about Trump’s mental health and the 25th Amendment in their heroic quest for a magic talisman that will make the bad orange man go away will insist there’s nothing wrong with Biden, no matter how much he drools and gibbers.

  3. When it comes to Trump, Ernst, for the Establishment all the rules go out the window. Not that other Republican presidents since Ike haven’t received similar treatment, but the Resistance, and how that term has been sullied, to Trump is of a different order of magnitude. In their reaction to Trump the establishment has been teaching that elections should not be respected, especially by the Federal civil service, if they don’t go your way. It is a very bad and dangerous lesson, but it is being taught and all Americans are learning it with doubtless dire consequences for the nation. Nothing that Trump has said or done is a fraction as feckless and heedless of consequences to the nation as this.

  4. Lot of bad and dangerous lessons going around, of which the non-prosecution of James Comey is just the latest.

  5. The speech he gave in 1987 in which he appropriated Neil Kinnock’s biography should have ended his career. (There were some lesser lies offered at the time about his academic record (claiming he’d finished in the top half of his law school class when he was in fact close to the bottom), his history of fairly gross plagiarism (of an academic paper he hadn’t realized his professor had written under her maiden name), and the moot-court competition he claimed to have won. (Biden’s actual family history is not one you can deploy to market yourself to an electorate, though it improves on the non-fiction portion of Geraldine Ferraro’s family history).

  6. A Catholic who leads others to support abortion laws is no leader. He is a liar
    to his Faith, his community and worse of all to himself. Joe is an impostor.
    Unfit for the Presidency.
    Fit for the memory care facility.

  7. Old politicians like Biden (or our Gray Davis) seem to think they can get recognition the way Tom Sawyer got a Bible: not by actually doing things, but by horse-trading favors until they accumulate enough chits to demand to be nominated.
    Then they say things equivalent to “David and Goliath were the first Apostles”, and wonder why we laugh.

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