Trump Administration Goes to Bat for Catholics and Pro-lifers

Leftists who are shocked, shocked at how Christians and pro-lifers support Trump are deliberately overlooking the fact that Trump has gained that support the old-fashioned way:  by earning it:


The HHS civil rights office has sent a notice of violation to the University of Vermont Medical Center for pressuring a Catholic nurse to assist in an elective abortion.

In 2017, the hospital started performing elective abortions. I’m not really sure of the reason but one can’t help but notice that they chose to do this even as abortion rates were declining and think that 2017-butthurt-over-Clinton-OrangeManBad played a significant role in the decision. When the decision was announced several staff members told their supervisors that the were not good in participating in infanticide and, under the provision of the Church Amendments, federal laws enacted in the 1970s that states that employees in facilities that receive federal funds do not have to participate in abortions.

This case came about when a Catholic nurse was called in to assist in what she was told was a gynecological procedure.

According to HHS’s investigation, the nurse was told she would be treating a patient who had experienced a miscarriage. When she walked into the procedure room, the doctor allegedly said to her, “Don’t hate me.” The nurse asked for a replacement, but was allegedly told no. The abortion was not an emergency procedure, but an elective one. Fearing losing her job, the nurse relented.

“This should never happen in America. There is room for disagreement on these issues without having to coerce people to choose between a career dedicated to supporting life versus instances or circumstances where they are being forced to take a life,” Roger Severino, head of HHS’s Office of Civil Rights, told reporters on Wednesday.

For the record, the left thinks Severino is the devil himself (see here and here) and the next time someone at The Bulwark or one of their fellow travelers tries to claim Trump has done nothing for conservatives, tell them to go screw themselves.

Go here to read the rest.  The most pro-life administration since Reagan flew west into the setting sun.

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  1. Giving a voice to the helpless who are suffering extermination by the millions…yes he IS my President.

    Standing up for the consciences of those who are opposed to killing children…yes he is MY President.

    Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. (?)

    For those who wish to support abortion on demand I pose this proposition.

    You get to CHOOSE which limb is ripped off your body while you are awake, without the help of anesthesia.
    This will be televised and conducted
    on a national lottery system.

    Putting “skin” in the game for those like Uncle Joe or Madam Pelosi might just drive the beast away for good. You want an abortion? What will it be? You right arm…left leg?


    So is the killing of innocent children.

    Abortion on demand is gruesome.
    Time to End the killing of the innocents.

    God Bless Donald Trump.

  2. The murder of a baby and a nurse traumatized. Lies, lies and more lies. The VerMont University Hospital, is this what a teaching hospital should teach? Dig deeper into this institution and I can bet there will be more illegalities like euthanasia, fraud, unexplained deaths and accounting “errors” found. Thank you for this post.

  3. I thought Trump would convert to Catholicism sometime this year. It hasn’t happened. But what he is doing–defending the faith–is probably better. For serious Catholics Trump is doing the Pope’s job while the Pope does the devil’s.

  4. “I thought Trump would convert to Catholicism sometime this year. It hasn’t happened.”

    Given the snide, petulant and vindictive but hidden and indirect off-the-cuff comments against the President given by that Marxist Peronist Caudillo from Argentina, I doubt Trump will convert to Catholicism.

  5. I suspect that if Trump ever converts, it will be either after his lady has passed on, or when he’s on his death bed.

    She’s Catholic, isn’t she?
    Sure seems to be doing a very good job on that diamond in the rough.

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