Holy Father, the Honor is All Ours

The Pope continues to reveal what a petty man he truly is:


Pope Francis acknowledged his growing opposition within the conservative right-wing of the U.S. Catholic Church and said in off-hand remarks aboard the papal plane Wednesday it is “an honor if the Americans attack me.”

Francis commented on critics of his papacy when he received a copy of a new book about his detractors in the United States, “How America Wants to Change the Pope.” Author Nicholas Seneze, who covers the Vatican for the French Catholic newspaper La Croix, presented it to Francis on a flight to southern Africa.

Go here to read the rest.  This American will continue to give honor to the Pope so long as he is Pope.  Heckuva job Conclave of 2013, heckuva job.


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  1. Pope Francis would fit in the USCCB very well.

    One would think the 2013 Conclave was held at an annual USCCB General Assembly as opposed to the Sistine Chapel.

  2. I find it surprising the Francis did as well as he did on the survey. I rate him zero by every measure only because a negative scale is unavailable. He must go down as one of the worst Popes in history as he brings to fruition the full impact of the catastrophic Vatican II phase of the Catholic Church leading to its near certain collapse.

    The future will be a much smaller Church perhaps 10% of its current size. It will be materially poor and politically weak but spiritually. It will be a Church Christ can be proud of and so can we. What we have now with “Pope” Francis and his criminal perverts in the Vatican is a scandal and an embarrassment.

  3. As an American Catholic, I find it to be an honor that Francis holds me in such low esteem. That’s just one less thing I’ll have to answer for.

  4. The article is poorly written. I am a conservative and a traditionalist. Yet, I am unaware of any “well funded right wing” within the Church in the US. Nor have I noticed any conservative leaning among the American bishops and their silence about abortion and homosexualidm has been deafening.
    Mr. McClarey, I defer to your legal judgment, but it seems to me that the Roman Pontiff’s insistence on pulling the strings re the priest abuse cases is evidence of a RICO violation. If I was POTUS, this Pope would be a permanent guest of the US with an address in Marion, Illinois or Leavenworth, Kansas. Lucky him.

  5. His worldview is so warped when he believes the US Catholic Church is conservative.

    Personally I love his spontaneous comments in interviews because they always confirm my beliefs about the man. He truly is a moron. He may be sneaky and sly, but man is he dumb. We knew we weren’t getting a theologian or canonist- that a man with this little knowledge could make it to the highest office of the Church is breathtaking. But you have to give him credit; somehow a politician was elected to an office, has turned the office into a political seat and it appears to be the only office that has a lifetime appointment and also an office from which the holder can’t be removed. Theoretically even Nancy Pelosi has to fight for her job every other year.

  6. “somehow a politician was elected to an office”

    The best succinct description of the Pope. Of all politicians, the worst, outside of politicians in a totalitarian state, tend to be ecclesiastical politicians, the very epitome of swine using pearls for swinish purposes.

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