Evil Eye

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Which makes sense, because Biden is a Democrat and the job of the press is to protect Democrats. This can’t be used against the Republicans, so the media will just ignore it and hope it goes away. That’s what they did when Hillary Clinton collapsed in the street and had to be tossed into a waiting van like a sack of potatoes. They just pretended it never happened, until they were forced to finally cover it. They want a Democrat in the White House, and they’ll ignore any story that interferes with that, as long as they can.

Jim Treacher

Go here to read  the rest.  Imagine if this were Trump.  The media would be filled with speculation as to his funeral arrangements by now.

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  1. Everybody knows people with ‘red eyes’ are demons. Says so on the internet.

    Not surprising since Joe Biden is a Democrat and a “Catholic” of sorts. Being a Catholic and a Democrat automatically makes one a devil because it is a case of committing and obvious evil.

  2. Biden might have pink eye also known as conjunctivitis. It’s most often seen in grade school children though adults can become infected. It is highly contagious. So much so that when there was a huge outbreak among the airmen at Clark AFB, PI sufferers were required to eat in the Red Eye Lounge sectioned off from the main chow hall dining area.
    Joe Biden, be better about washing your hands!

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