Be Prepared

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This is incredibly difficult for me to do but I feel that it’s necessary to come forward and expose the type of person that Trump will select for the Supreme Court of the great country.

I was raped by whoever Trump selects to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the Supreme Court.

Go here to read the hilarious rest.  Since it will almost certainly be mom of seven Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a rape allegation would be a stretch, but, hey, it was an absurd stretch in regard to Justice Kavanaugh, and that did not stop the Dems.



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  1. What was distressing about the Kavanaugh imbroglio was it revealed that (1) Democratic pols have zero integrity and grant zero courtesy to the Republican pols they have to work with; this last seems to have made quite an impression on Lindsay Graham and (2) the lies and lunacy go all the way down. They were unable to come up with one piece of evidence (other than her claims stated orally) that he’d ever met Christine Blasey or would ever have been in circumstances where he was likely to have met her. That should be sufficient for any opponent of Kavanaugh to not invest in this woman’s yarn. I’ve yet to cross paths with a partisan Democrat willing to acknowledge this reality.

  2. The Democratic National platform has rebelled against “their Creator”. “And for the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
    The Democrats has disavowed their sacred Honor and disenfranchised God, “their Creator” and serve only the Great Liar.

  3. “The Democrats has disavowed their sacred Honor and disenfranchised God, “their Creator” and serve only the Great Liar.” The Democrats impose atheism on the people, a violation of the anti-establisment clause.

  4. God’ will be done in America . Amen In God we trust only.

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