Lebensunwertes Leben

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


BERLIN—In the basement of an old building near Berlin, Holocaust researchers discovered something incredible: a perfectly preserved Nazi propaganda video.

In the historical footage, dated to around 1942, a female Nazi scientist is seen calling the Holocaust a form of “acceptable violence” against Jews and other “undesirables.”

“In the past, the strategies that we Nazis have tended to use have included a kind of ceding ground to our enemies. We tend to say that the Holocaust is ‘Indeed very bad, but…'” she says, to frame her argument that Nazis should stop apologizing for the violence of the Holocaust.

The scientist says she isn’t interested in these kinds of arguments, and instead believes that Nazi supporters should acknowledge that the Holocaust is “justifiable killing” or “acceptable violence.”

“I’m interested in winning radically. The Holocaust is, in my opinion, and I recognize how controversial this is, a form of killing. It is a form of killing that we need to be able to defend.”

“I am not interested in whether or not the Jews we kill are humans,” she continues in the footage.

“The violence that Jews mete out by existing is an unacceptable violence for someone who doesn’t want to see Jews,” she says.  “The violence that our brave scientists and exterminators carry out so they don’t have to see disgusting Jews anymore is a form of acceptable violence.”

Historians who discovered the footage said they are glad it’s coming to light so that humanity never accepts these kinds of arguments for killing again.

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  1. Substitute (Jews) for (unborn) and you have Planned Parenthood’s platform.

    The Holocaust continues.

    Dear Mother of God.
    Born of the aged St. Anne, please help us crush the serpents head with your heel, for once and for all.
    Happy Birthday sweet mother of ours.

  2. Substitute (Jews) for (unborn) and you have Planned Parenthood’s platform.

    I think that was the point the BB was making.

  3. A possible fear that both the Nazi’s had and liberated pregnant women in post RvW have is fear of the future.
    A Chosen people threat to a Germany that was licking its wounds from the war to end all wars.

    A newborn threat that would derail mothers plans.

    An ethnic cleansing ensues.

    Both victims were not a threat at all yet fear won the day. The ethnic group in the womb is the greatest ever to have a heartbeat…
    The Human tribe.

    A group in number that surpasses Jews, Christians and None’s combined!

    Fear that isn’t Holy fear of God, is the devil’s noose. Too many participants willing to collaborate in the unholy fear and now Auschwitz has re-branded itself and goes by the name Planned Parenthood.
    What a sob story.
    Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

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