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Massive demonstrations today in Hong Kong with violent clashes increasing.  War correspondent Michael Yon in Hong Kong gives this update:


I will say with confidence: we are witnessing the very first tendrils on Cat 1 insurgency. (To use the hurricane scale 1-5, with 5 being something like full-blown Iraq between roughly 2004-2007).

At this point, I peg inflection from general civil unrest to front edge of insurgency on about 01 July 2019, at LegCo break-in. I was there that night live streaming. At first I did not recognize this as symptomatic of insurgency — holding doubt that it might have held elements of false flag operation.

But now, with more information, I recognized LegCo break-in as the first definitive symptom of insurgency. Not just protest. Not just civil unrest. But insurgency.

In a nutshell:

1) Protest phase generally is simple and specific, such as “kill the extradition bill.” Very specific. Simple. (People are growling.)

2) General Civil Unrest is beyond. Nutshell, “Hey government! You are bad and need to do better!” In other words, no longer just talking about the bill, but that the government itself needs to shape up. (People are snarling — showing teeth.)

3) Insurgency: Nutshell, “Hey, government. You are illegitimate. Illegal. Not my master. You must go!” (People no longer growling and snarling. They start to nip and bite. Draw a little pain.)

INSURGENCY in a nutshell

Cat 1: Nipping and still snarling. Relatively minor economic attacks such as short closures of airport and MTR stations. Roads. Sides dehumanizing each other — calling each other dogs, roaches, etc. This is precursor to killing. (We are here right now. At lowest end of Cat 1. Just starting minor insurgency.)


Go here to read the rest.  Hong Kong is a massively important story that most Westerners are overlooking.  It could be the start of something very big in China.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I hope Trump is paying close attention to this. While I think his instincts are right about the China threat, his stupid ass trade war is the wrong strategy. He ought to focus on bolstering our military presence in Asia and growing our military, especially our blue water Navy. That will him in a much stronger position to face the ChiComs down economically.

    It has been the brain dead globalist elite free trade policies that has made China the powerhouse that it is currently. Nixon’s opening to China has proven to be a failure. The Chinese people are still waiting for the promised political liberalization that was used to sell the globalist elites free trade policies.
    During World War II the economic and industrial might of the USA was a crucial factor in winning the war. It is the economic and industrial might of the USA that is need to pay for and to build the military that you talk about.
    I dislike the free trade globalist elites because they engage in too much magical thinking. They are just as out of touch as AOC is. We keep on hearing about how free trade benefits the consumers. Unless we can find a way to give everyone in the USA a trust fund endowed lifetime income, a person can’t be a consumer until they earn the money to buy what the economy produces. Also an economy based on a mass market of mass produced goods, needs a mass market with mass buying power. That mass buying power comes from the mass earning power of wages. The 1% won’t get you there. Neither will low wages.
    I like Trump because he is willing to fight for the average blue collar working class voter. The free trade globalist elites policies are on the Chinese side of a Chinese trade war that preexisted the Trump administration.

  3. Art Deco:
    The only way that you can say that there is no trade war, is to adopt the Neville Chamberlain standard of appeasement being peace in our time. The globalist elites free trade policies are the economic appeasement of China. Which include China’s demands for technology and IP transfer and all the other preconditions that come with “free” trade with China.

  4. All We Hear Is, “Orange Man Bad!”

    Xi may be in trouble with the politburo: Hong Kong was his “baby.”

    China (with huge assists from US elites, globalists, investors, knaves, lobbyists, politicians, traitors) has waged a trade war against the US for decades.

    Now, Chiner is hurting. The central bank last few weeks bought 16 tons of gold; three million more Chinese are now unemployed; and the economy, for which they never publish real numbers, is teetering.

    Now, President Donald J. Trump is reversing the past several (both Bushes, Clinton, Obama) POTUS’ policies of appeasement, enriching favored elites, selling out American workers, and diplomatic/military weakness.

  5. How are the Trump tariffs helping us? Are they really going to hurt China in a way that is disproportionate to the harm it will do us?

    Like I said, I think Trump’s instincts that China is a threat are correct. He’s just dealing with it the wrong.

    In terms of theft, China has been stealing us blind when it comes to military secrets. Bill Gertz has been doing yeoman’s work on that for a couple of decades. I don’t think there’s a tariff in the world that’s going to mitigate that problem.

  6. The only way that you can say that there is no trade war, is to adopt the Neville Chamberlain standard of appeasement being peace in our time.

    No, that’s what the prior “free trade” was.
    We give them free trade, they do whatever they want.
    Various other countries have played the same game. They get to take us to court over country-of-origin labeling, but they get to declare that champagne not made in Champagne is not champagne, even though it has been for hundreds of years.
    To blame the trade-war on Trump is to blame the guy who finally takes a swing BACK for “starting a fight.”

    Going off of how frantic the Chinese reporter on the radio was spinning to prove the trade war was killing us, I’d say it’s hurting CHina. If nothing else, it destroys their research strategy– that is, “have people give us the designs and then violate IP like crazy.”

    An example of the spin, the reporter said that US manufacturing had dropped to a 10 year low.
    Actual survey was that the rate of growth has slowed. After record breaking growth for the last three-ish years. After manufacturing jobs as a percentage of the working population rose for the second time in my lifetime, just barely missing the FIRST time in my lifetime by a few months. (I’m median age for the country, too.)
    The same trick gets used for e-books and homeschooling– they talk about a reduction in rate of growth to “prove” that it’s failing, when it’s obvious you can’t have a 20% rate of growth forever.

    Tariffs impose transaction costs to counter the transaction costs that China has imposed on the USA for trade relations with them. It also gives the USA a bargaining chip to use in trade negotiations.
    “Free” trade is an economic open borders policy. “Free” trade is economic unilateral disarmament. If “free” trade is so great why has the US industrial heartland suffered the economic woes, and the opioid addiction that we have read about? These concerns contributed greatly to the Trump victory in 2016.
    My postings describe the situation pre-Trump. The economy under Trump has been very encouraging, but he has only had about three years on the job. Trump inherited a lot of long term problems when he took office. He has had the task of shoveling out the globalist elites Augean stables.

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