Opening Statement

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  1. “uncle ted” looks like a scalded demon.
    Sodomy is addiction to the vice of lust. All addiction is a violation of the free will of man endowed by “their Creator”. It is possible that the addiction to the vice of lust so darkens the soul that the individual cannot find his way back to innocence. The addict to lust is lost and a loser who is criminally insane.
    Sodomy is not sexual. Sodomy is assault and battery using the sex organ as a weapon.
    Of course “uncle ted” did not sexually abuse others. “uncle ted” assaulted and battered others with his sex organ. Did “uncle ted” allow the others to assault and batter him with their sex organ? I bet not.

  2. One of my favorite biographies was the life of Mother Angelica written by Raymond. They shared a mutual love for Holy Church as well as for each other.
    Any opening statement less than the one posted by him would be an act of betrayal. USCCB should know by now that the Laity is done with their Bull S— cover-up’s. Francis had the data and refused to act until his hand was forced.
    Years…years later.

    Zero tolerance for Christ sake.

    I’m not blaspheming. I mean it. For Jesus’ sake we must do everything possible to keep predators away from our children and young adults.

    The Lavender Mafia must be shut down.
    Lynch mobs are a rotten way to do it, so pucker up Bishops and grow a pair. Man up and clean your house.

    This criminal activity must cease.

  3. The “war” began in 2013. It was started by Francis with his abusive, insulting diatribes against faithful Catholics whose only “crime” is to cling humbly and steadfastly to the faith of their fathers by accepting the Church’s moral teaching. For this, they have been ridiculed and continue to be ridiculed to this day as “rigid”, “Pharisees” and all manner of other pejoratives.

    You talk about “war”? We’ll give you “war”, you faithless, heretical destroyers!

  4. Well, at least Morning’s Minion isn’t pretending to be a health and life insurance policy wonk anymore. The quartet who succeeded his crew at Vox Nova now offer their readers “A Pro-Life Case For Elizabeth Warren”.

  5. Arroyo scurries to affirm his allegiance but his days are numbered. EWTN isn’t the same organization that Mother Angelica birthed. The Papal Progressives demand not tolerance but total conversion to their every new belief and heretical position. ANY disagreement will be crushed and removed

  6. In the post on Leonardo Boff, he admits that all these heretical priests believed what he believed, they just pretended otherwise to stay in the Church, unlike Boff. Raymond Arroyo, on the other hand, actually believes in the Splendor of Truth, just like Mother. God bless Raymond!

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