The Future Belongs to Those Who Show Up For It

Joel Kotkin has seen a simple truth that eludes most commentators:



In contrast, the more religious, more family-oriented population, living mostly in the suburbs and smaller cities, will reproduce themselves. Kaufmann explains in his important book Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? that those who embrace more traditional religions—which generally favor families—will prevail. The future of Catholicism won’t be shaped by a Pope, whose closest advice comes from liberal bishops in Germany, where the church is now losing nearly 170,000 adherents annually. The new faithful will be those nurtured by the more traditionalist African bishops, who enjoy the fastest church growth.

Ultimately, the believers and families may have the upper hand. By 2050, for example, Islam may constitute a larger faith community in Britain than the Church of England, the state-sanctioned but hardly faith-centered Christian denomination. The family-centric Mormons, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, continues to thrive, while the more “progressive” Protestant faiths lose parishioners. Among Jews, the increasingly strident and politicized Reform movement is demographically stagnant and aging. Today, the Orthodox constitute the majority of Jewish children in the New York metropolitan region, and by 2100, they are projected to become the majority of the Hebraic community in Britain.

“No matter how many communes anybody invents,” the late anthropologist Margaret Mead suggested, “the family always creeps back.” This will prove to be the case in the decades ahead. Greens, progressives, and feminists may seek to weaken this most precious institution, but in the end, they cannot manufacture future generations. As they have done from primitive times, families create the future, in the only way humanity can remain fundamentally human.

Go here to read the rest.  Like most of what the Bible commands, the Left has resolutely turned away from the injunction “be fruitful and multiply.”  Indoctrination of the children of others can only work so long before demographics win in the end, as they usually do. Leftism as a lifestyle is the on ramp to oblivion.

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  1. The surge in populist nationalism, evident with Brexit, Trump, the Visegead 4 and Brazil has the Left quaking in it’s boots. On both sides of the Atlantic, the Left descends deeper into madness. There has never been a bunch of pathetic panderers seeking one office as the Democrat clown car. But, beware. The Left Wing Swamp has tentacles everywhere and the damage they do lasts generations. We have sodomite marriage because a phony Catholic, Ted Kennedy, destroyed Robert Bork. As nthony Kennedy was too often the Bergoglio of the Supreme Court.

  2. Penguins Fan: Everything you just wrote is TRUE.

    So-called populist voters are reacting to elites/rulers that hate them: rulers that despise the ruled. Was corrupt, incompetent Hillary’s naming 63 million Americans “deplorable” a Freudian slip? .

    Since that glorious November 2016 night, they’ve been squealing like stuck pigs.

    The work is not finished. Donald J. Trump is the sledgehammer American voters are taking to the irredeemably hate-filled elites (both Democrat and lame-stream Republican).

    They are making 2020 a re-run of 2016. If, God forbid, the totalitarians win, their open borders, ‘green new deal,’ Medicare for All, etc. likely will cause irreversible cultural, economic and political devastation.

  3. I just read an article about New Left Urbanists by Christopher F. Rufo, about the effects of progressives on urban planning. It is titled “The Rise of the New Left Urbanists.” The URL is:
    According to the article there appears to be an attempt to demonize the suburbs and assert that single-family housing is part of white supremacy. It’s an interesting read, detailing the attempts to hijack urban planning by the left.

  4. The Bookworm Room Blog: “White Supremacy” is a leftist canard [an unfounded rumor or story] employed to keep viable the race card in the complete absence of real racism. It uses/promotes the worst of racism as a leftist political tool.

  5. Didn’t Tucker Carlson call “White Supremacy” a hoax and the new theme to harp on after the Russian collusion debacle backfired for the Deep State? He abruptly disappeared from Fox News for several weeks following the howls from the Left. Seems even the more adroit commentators have to hide from the bellows when the Left go berserk.

  6. “White Supremacy” isn’t a hoax, it’s a logical next step to the “only whites can be racist” and “being white is racist” logic.
    That means that anything which means a chosen minority, or the self-appointed representative of the same who is accusing you, doesn’t immediately get what they want– is proof the accused causer is a “white supremacist.”

    It’s nonsense on stilts, and racist as heck, but they get attention.

  7. Incidentally, from bouncing around in the last few years and talking to my brother doing likewise– it appears that some Catholics are doing just fine on the reproductive angle. Their church is “full of families with full sprinter vans,” as my sister in law puts it. (She’s protestant, but willing to expose their kids to Catholicism.)
    Our new parish, we’re one of the “big families,” but not total outliers– and, to counter any of the usual responses for that, nobody in the parish has even a Spanish accent, much less a Mexican one. (Amusingly enough, there are a lot of Spanish-root names, right next to the Irish, German and a scattering of others that aren’t “uh, probably English, who knows?”)

    I have no idea how to get a sample of folks that doesn’t include my cousins (the Democrat Catholics– Democrat first!) and similar folks who were last at Mass for family obligation, especially since they are likely to have at least one kid. Again, for obligations.

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